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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

MetabolismThe best way to lose weight and to have more energy is to boost your metabolism. It’s really that simple… but is boosting your metabolism that easy? It can be with just a few tips and tricks to get you started. Try one of these a week until you are doing all of them to be the healthiest you can be.

Flavor Water with Citrus

You know you need to drink water, but if you don’t like the flavor, what can you do? Drink flavor mixers have calories, and you don’t want to add calories as you boost your metabolism. So, intake more water and enjoy it by flavoring it with citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, and limes boost metabolism, burn calories, and add a fast, natural flavor to water. Bonus? They also curb appetite!

Eat Breakfast

Okay- do we need to repeat this? People who eat a breakfast packed with protein have more energy, less weight, less stress, and feel better. Whip up some eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast, yogurt, and a bowl of fruit and watch how much better you feel after just one day.

Eat Every Few Hours

People who eat every three hours, at least, keep their metabolism boosted. You don’t give your blood sugar a chance to drop, and you are constantly fueling your body, which gives it energy. Just be sure to keep it fueled with healthy foods! Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best way to give yourself the energy you need.

Drink Green Tea

In the morning, skip that mug of coffee and have tea instead. More precisely, green tea should do the trick. Studies show that catechins, the antioxidants in green tea, help increase fat burning in your body, and drinking it in the morning really gets you revved up. Green tea may lower blood sugars by inhibiting enzymes that allow the absorption of starches, and it may reduce the absorption of fat from the intestine.

What are some ways you keep your metabolism active? Please share with me because I really need to keep my metabolism active and try to get into better shape.


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