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4 Ways Dads are Essential in Parenting their Kids

4 Ways Dads Are Essential in ParentingFor years it has been accepted that others take care of the children and fathers are the breadwinners. Many times, dads aren’t around or expected to be around because of court rulings or the man’s decisions, but that is starting to change as more and more it is being shown that men are essential in parenting a child.

Dads and Daughters- Setting The Example

A dad is the first man a daughter will get to know, and that means he will set the groundwork for the kind of man she will want to date or marry in life. The way he treats her mother will show her how she is supposed to be treated, and how he interacts with her can build or break her self-esteem. For these reasons, it is very important for daughters to have their fathers present in their lives, and involved, as well.

Fathers and Sons- Setting The Example

For much the same reason it is important for men to be involved with their daughters, it is also important for them to be involved with their sons. He will teach the son what type of man he should be. The son will model behaviors of how to treat women based on how dad treats mom and the boy’s sisters. A son who has an involved dad also tends to be more secure in all aspects of his life, and strives to do better in sports, school, and all endeavors he undertakes.

Fathers and Mothers- Being Present

For a father to help out the mother of his children is not only a nice gesture, but also paramount to her relationship with her children. As if a study needed to be done about this, it has been shown that mothers who have help and support from their children’s father have less stress and are overall happier in life and with their role of mother, and they feel more closely bonded to their children because they actually have a chance to spend time with their kids without additional stress.

Fathers and Themselves- How Being Involved is Good for the Dad

When dads are not present in their kids’ lives they actually have more anxiety about money, kids, and life in general. Again- studies have shown that men who are involved parents are happier with life. They take pleasure in the little things, and they even work harder and are more productive at work. So, being a dad isn’t just good for your kids and their mother, but also for yourself.



What are some ways dads can be essential in parenting? How much have dads involvement changed over the years?


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