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2Pac Passed Away 18 Years Ago Today

2Pac13September 13, 1996 is not a date that I will never forget nor will a lot of people, who has that date etched in their heads. That was the day that 2Pac finally left this Earth after battling for his life since September 7th when he was shot riding with Suge Knight in Las Vegas. I’m not going to write everything I’ve written before but just know that 2Pac is the most influential person ever in my life besides my parents. Little known fact is that I was on my way to be a rapper because I always wanted to do a track with him but I ended those dreams as soon as he passed away. Just search the site for all my 2Pac writings, mixtapes of his and even 3 Birthday mixes I’ve made personally.



Rest In Pac, man you’re missed and really needed more than ever with all the drama that’s going on in the world.


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