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5 Tips to Getting Dad Involved in Pregnancy

Getting Dad Involved in Pregnancy
Being pregnant isn’t easy- there are mood swings, cravings, fears, joys, an expanding body, a shrinking ability to hold in your temper, and a lack of sleep and weakened bladder doesn’t help matters. But it is even worse for women when they realize that their partner isn’t as involved or invested in the pregnancy as they’d like them to be. Sometimes men are uncomfortable with pregnancy, they don’t know how to be involved, or they have just been locked out by the pregnant partner in some way. Whatever the case may be, getting dads involved in pregnancy is important and it can be done. If you are a dad-to-be, try one of these tips to get involved with your partner’s pregnancy.

Talk About It

Tell your partner how you’d like to be involved, and ask them how they’d like for you to be involved in the pregnancy. Get this lined out at the very beginning of the pregnancy so that the two of you know what to expect of one another and what is expected of you during the pregnancy.

Read The Pregnancy Books

Much like reading parenting books can get you ready for a baby, reading pregnancy books can get you involved in pregnancy. You will know what your partner is going through and how to help them or support them with each new phase of pregnancy.

Go to the Appointments

You can ask questions about the pregnancy and see the baby or hear the baby. This will help you feel more bonded to the child since you can’t see, feel, or hear him or her the way mom can most of the time.

Have a Couple’s Shower

Don’t lock dad out of the fun! Have a co-ed shower to allow dad to be a part of the experience of getting items for the baby and celebrating the new life that is about to arrive. For dads, if you want to be involved, don’t miss out on things like the shower. They don’t have to be girly events full of pink and ribbons, and even if they are- so what?!?! This is about celebrating your child, the mother of your child for the things she has been through during pregnancy, AND you for being an involved and present partner and dad.

Get Hands On

Touch the belly. Talk to the belly. Hold your partners hand during doctor visits. Go shopping and offer to let her lean on you. Massage her aching feet and back. Cook her dinner. Spoil her. Get involved with making your partner feel special and comfortable so that she knows you want to be there and that you care.

Now I know some of you fellas are thinking, this isn’t for me but being a father of 3 and very hands on they will appreciate the little things you do for her. I went to all the doctors visits, we always were talking about it and I really got a kick out of talking to her stomach and later on seeing how the baby reacted to it by kicking wherever I was talking at, really cool moments.


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