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Visiting Walmart Auto Center For Car Needs

I spruced up my car using STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer products from Walmart, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #WalmartAuto

My son driving #WalmartAutoRight now I’m having one of them dad moments because my son, who is my oldest child just recently got his learners license and has been driving all the time. These are moments I’m hoping he’ll always remember because it’s something that is embedded in my mind when my dad was teaching me how to drive. Not only he’s learning to drive, but in my eyes it’s a huge achievement and this is also moments we can bond even more now that he’s becoming a young man. One of the things that I didn’t have the luxury of doing with my dad was learn about car care, which is something that he’s eager to learn about.

Car Care Products from Walmart #WalmartAutoSince we live about 6 minutes from Walmart and that’s our one-stop shop we headed there because they have a complete section of the store just for automotive needs. If you have bought any Walmart products then you know that you’re getting quality products at an affordable price. Walmart Auto got you covered no matter what you need for your vehicle whether its tires, oil change or just some accessories for your car. The first thing we got for his future car was the sun protector, funnel, storage, drain pan and STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer. You can find these products and more, at a Walmart near you or online at walmart.com The STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer isn’t expensive and as shown below it helps keep your fuel and engine clean.

● Keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months
● Safe for use in all gasoline engines, including 2-cycle
● Treats up to 80 gallons (303L)
● Prevents gum, varnish & corrosion
● Eliminates the need to drain fuel

My son holding the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer #WalmartAutoNow that he’s getting into driving more we have made several trips to Walmart to get more items he like for the car like tire cleaners, wipes to clean the inside, car scents and a few other items. The thing I like the best is that it teaches him more about responsibility because when I educate him about car care he’s very hands on. I’ve gotten him to check all the fluid levels and now he wants to be the one that does everything including putting the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in to clean the fuel.

My son pouring the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in the gas tank #WalmartAutoSince my son and I have been spending a lot of time driving and learning about car maintenance my daughter wanted to learn also. Yes, my oldest daughter who’s also my mini-me asked, why I didn’t teach her about taking care of cars because she’s going to be driving also? Everything I love to do she always follows whether it’s wrestling, music, or basketball it doesn’t matter these are ways we spent time talking about. Now she is learning about car care thanks to Walmart Auto and of course, not to be outdone by her brother she stopped him when he used half of the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer and put in the rest.

My daughter pouring the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in the gas tank #WalmartAutoSo have you bought any products from the Walmart Auto section of the store or online? Did you have great experience like me when using their products? Let me know what products have you used.


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