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Daddy’s Hangout WWE Night of Champions 2014 PPV Review

NightofChampions2014PosterIt’s time for another WWE PPV and this time it’s the Night of Champions where all the championships will be defended. This PPV was held in Nashville, Tennessee and it featured several rematches from the Summerslam PPV. With great booking I expected this to be a pretty good PPV so let’s see how things turned out.


UsosRhodesThis was the opening match and this was expected to be a really good match between 2 great teams. Great action between both teams with the crowd really into this match and both teams were working their butts off. In the end, Goldust & Stardust captured the championships when Jey dives off the top rope and Stardust put his knees up and quickly covers him for the win. Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Stardust

Match Rating: 3.75/5- Really good opening match and it was good to see the Rhodes Brothers recapture the titles. The Usos were great champions and they should be champs again in the future.


SheamusCesaroNow we have a battle between 2 really good wrestlers who love to fight and brawl. The match started out slow but after Cesaro slapped Sheamus that just ignited a fight. This continued throughout the match and it turned into a really good match. They both countered the other ones finishing move and Cesaro slapped Sheamus more that got Sheamus upset and lead to a Brogue Kick out of nowhere for the win. Winner and Still United States Champ: Sheamus


Match Rating: 4/5


ZigglerMizHere is the rematch for the Intercontinental Championship between the champion Dolph Ziggler and former champion The Miz. This match really bothered me because instead of focusing on the match for the Intercontinental title they were focusing on Florida Georgia Line. The finish came when Miz rolled up Ziggler and held his tights for win. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Match Rating: 2.5/5- The booking is ridiculous and this storyline is a prime example of it.


Seth Rollins Win Via Forfeit with Reigns in the Hospital

Seth Rollins won by forfeit and then issued an open challenge to whomever. Dean Ambrose showed up in a taxi and received a huge pop then he proceeded to attack Rollins and they brawled everywhere until they were separated but Ambrose didn’t stop and couldn’t be stopped by anyone. Ambrose had to be tied up and held down by trainers while Rollins escaped with the Authority. Great segment and I think the WWE should run with Ambrose because he is like a modern day Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Mark Henry VS Rusev

This match had a huge buildup leading up to this match. The match wasn’t good at all and I hate to say it, but it’s time for Mark Henry to retire. The match was really slow and it ended when Rusev locked in the submission to make Mark Henry to tap out. Winner: Rusev

Match Rating: 2/5

JerichoOrtonThis is a match between 2 future hall-of-famers and a couple of great wrestlers when Randy Orton faced Chris Jericho. This match was set-up when Orton attacked Jericho in the training room a couple of weeks ago in the training room after his cage match with Bray Wyatt. This was one of the better matches of the night with great spots and a lot of actions between these 2. Orton teased punting Jericho in the head a couple of times but didn’t do it and the match continued with several nearfalls and counters. The end came when Orton hit the RKO on Jericho after he dove off the top rope. Winner: Randy Orton

Match Rating: 3.75/5

DivasThis is the Triple Threat match for the Divas championship between Nikki Bella, Paige and AJ Lee. Paige and AJ have been going back and forth for the past several months but now Nikki Bella was added to the mix by Stephanie McMahon. As far as the match goes, this was a pretty good match with all the ladies working hard. The finish came when AJ locked in the Black Widow on Paige for the win. Winner and New Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Match Rating: 3/5

LesnarCenaHere is the rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. This wasn’t the dominate performance by Brock like he had at Summerslam last month. Cena definitely got in more offense than he did last month and this was a pretty good match that told a good story between these 2. In the end, Lesnar hit 2 German Suplexes but Cena powered out then hit 3 consecutive Attitude Adjustments after applying the STF and went for the win but Rollins interfered causing the DQ finish by hitting Cena and hitting the Curb Stomp on Brock. He went to cash in the briefcase but Cena attacks him and Brock hits the F5 on Cena. Brock Lesnar is Still Champion

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Overall Rating: 6.5/10- This PPV was bad, but it wasn’t great either. The biggest story from the PPV has to be the return of Dean Ambrose and how big of a pop he received when he stepped out of the taxi. The matches that delivered were the Sheamus/Cesaro, Jericho/Orton, Usos/Rhodes Brothers, Lesnar/Cena and the Divas match especially the match for the United States Championship. The Mark Henry match with Rusev made me realize that he need to retire and I really didn’t want to see the Miz as the IC champion.


What did you think about Night of Champions? What were the highlights and lowlights of this PPV? What was the worse and best match of the night?


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