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Monday Night Raw Review from Memphis September 2014



It’s the Monday Night Raw after Night of Champions and it’s been held in Memphis, Tennessee. Let’s see how things play out from the fallout from Night of Champions and what directions things will go as we head to the Hell In a Cell PPV. Let’s Get Started!!!!


The Opening Segment: It’s good to see Dean Ambrose back on Monday Night Raw and he came out to cut a promo about Seth Rollins and the Authority. He was sitting in the ring in a chair until the Authority showed up but Cena came out. Him and Cena almost got into it because they both wanted Seth Rollins before the Authority came out to interrupt them. Triple H started to talk but Cena and Ambrose attack them before he announced any match for the night. Ambrose and Cena continue to attack Rollins until he got into someone’s car and left the arena.


Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas: The match wasn’t bad and with Swagger winning it makes him 2-1 against Bo Dallas. My thing is that where exactly this is going and will there be any payoff from this. Zeb mocking Bo Dallas was pretty hilarious though!!!


Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler: Not because of the match nor because Dolph Ziggler won back the title but how they’re booking the IC championship. Ziggler just lost the title last night at Night of Champions. They should’ve let Dolph win last night at the PPV and beat the Miz again on Raw then let him move on to another contender. But this was the best match they’ve had in the series of matches they had against each other.


Usos & Sheamus vs. Rhodes Brothers & Cesaro: Great action from all of these guys as expected and it was the right move to have one of the Usos to pin one of the Rhodes Brothers.


AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella: This was actually a pretty good match between these 2.



Dean Ambrose vs. Kane: I’m just glad to see Ambrose back and the match wasn’t bad with Ambrose hitting his finisher on Kane before Rollins attacked him. Ambrose got the upper hand and was about to dive on Rollins on the outside but was caught with a right hand from Kane. Everyone beats Kane nowadays so I wish they went another route.


Mark Henry vs. Rusev: Mark Henry has had a long run but it may be time for him to retire and become an ambassador now.


Randy Orton vs. John Cena: Not that is was a bad match, but we’ve seen this match a zillion times and I don’t want them around each other anymore. I would love to see the Ambrose vs. Orton match they were supposed to go with. If the WWE was smart they would run with Dean Ambrose being the top guy right now.




Summer Rae vs. Natalya: When did Summer Rae turn heel? Natalya deserves so much better and she should be in the mix for the Divas championship.


Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Titus O’Neil & Heath Slater: There are reports saying Vince hates the Adam Rose gimmick. The big issue isn’t the gimmick but it’s the writing for this gimmick.


Overall Rating: 4.5/10- Usually the WWE comes through with a great Raw following the PPV but this one just wasn’t too good. The highlights of the night were the impact that Dean Ambrose had on his return to Raw. It was nice to see Dolph get back his IC championship even though he should’ve never lost it. The 6-man tag match and the divas match were pretty good also. Some of the lowlights had to be the Bunny wrestling, the fall of Mark Henry and the Natalya/Summer Rae thrown together match.



Top 5 Happenings on Raw:
1) Dean Ambrose
2) Seth Rollins continue to be a good heel
3) No Paul Heyman(?????)
4) Dolph Winning Back his title
5) The bad booking lately

What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? What were your highlights and lowlights for this edition of Raw? Talk to me and let me know what you felt about Raw.


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