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How Dad’s Can Get Ready for a Newborn

How Dad's Can Get Ready for a Newborn
Many people talk about getting mom ready for a new baby. Her body is going through all the changes, and she has all the “hard work” for getting a baby here, but people tend to overlook the role of dad or the importance of getting him ready for baby. It is a bit harder for dad to get ready for baby because he isn’t thrown into the middle of it the way mom is, but it is important for him to be ready. Here are some simple ways to get dad prepared for a newborn.

Go to Doctor’s Appointments

You may not want to go to all of them, but going to some doctor’s appointments with your pregnant partner can get you ready for the new baby that is about tot enter your world. You will get to hear the heartbeat, see the little guy or gal on the ultrasound screen, and even get answers to questions you may have but are too embarrassed to ask your wife about.

Get the Nursery Ready

Get in the nursery and get tot work! While you are getting the room ready, imagine your new baby sleeping and playing in the space. As you come across toys, equipment, lotions, and other other things you aren’t quite sure of- ask about them! Ask your wife to show you or tell you what they are about. This will help you know what to do when baby arrives.

 Take a Parenting Class or Read The Books

Still not sure about what you need to do? Take a parenting class with your spouse. Going to classes, asking questions, and getting information on newborns, toddlers, and even older children will help you mentally prepare for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. If classes aren’t available in your area, or you don’t have time for one, read a parenting book or two with your partner.

Get on The Same Page

Will you use cloth diapers or disposables? Will you co-sleep or will baby sleep in a crib? Will you breastfeed or bottle feed? And what does all of this even mean!!?? Ask your partner about these things and develop a parenting plan that suits your lifestyle and your thoughts on parenting. You will need to be on the same page to be effective at parenting together. You should also do the same with labor ideas so you know what to expect when the time comes.

Talk to Baby

Put your mouth near your partner’s belly and talk to your child. They can hear you! Let them know you are there and you are ready to meet them. This will help you bond with them before they even arrive.


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