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4 Fun Crafts Dads Can Do With Their Kids

4 Fun Crafts Dads Can Do With Their KidsMoms get to do all the fun stuff- like baking cupcakes, going to play dates, and even the crafts with kids. But dads can do them, too! If you want to be a crafty dad, check out some of these fun crafts you can do with your kids. They serve a purpose and they’re fun and easy to do!

Peg Board Organizer

Get your kids into organizing the garage with you. Have them paint a peg or cork board anyway they want. Place pegs, nails, screws, or even push pins in the board for them at various levels and hang the board on the wall of your garage or workshop. Then, hang your tools and other odds and ends from the board so that they are easily accessible and organized. It’s a fun way to have a colorful craft that you can actually use.

Balloon Stress Ball

When was the last time you played with a stress ball? Those things can be expensive, but they are so worth it! Instead of buying one, make one with the kids. You can even make a few with the materials you need.


-Package of balloons
-Sand or small beans/seeds
-Plain gift tags

Have kids fill the balloons with the sand, seeds, or beans. Close it off for them, then tie a ribbon around the end. Attach a gift tag and have the kids decorate it as they see fit, or write in an uplifting and happy message to the recipient of the balloon stress ball.


This is a fun way to add some decoration to your home without having to spend a fortune. Plus, you can use just about any image you want to customize the coasters.


-Mod Podge

-Images of your choice (comic book pics, photos, etc)

-Cork board

-Clear, hard plastic (can be found in sheets at the hardware store)

-Cut the cork board to the size and shape you want. Cut the images and plastic the same way. Using the modge podge, glue all the pieces together and allow them to dry. It’s super simple and fast to do, and the best part is picking out the images together.


These are always fun and easy. All you will need are:

-Images of your choice or odds and end pieces

Simply have your kids glue pictures to the magnets. You can often find magnets that have a plastic covering just waiting for your to insert a picture. If you use these, have your kids decorate the plastic after the image is in. If you just have magnet backs and don’t want to use photos, have kids make their own magnets from old toys, bottle caps, wine corks, and anything else they’d like. Simply glue it to the magnet and let it dry- voila! Your refrigerator has new, yet functional, art pieces!


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