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5 Ways On How to Keep Kids Safe while Trick or Treating

A girl dressed up to go trick or treatingHalloween is just around the corner- can’t you feel the chill in the air? This is the time of year for costumes and candy, trick-or-treating and time with family. But it is also a time where parents get a little more worried about the safety of their children- and for good reason! If you plan to take your kids trick-or-treating this year, check out these tips to keeping your kids safe while out and about.

Pay Attention to the Costume

First and foremost, make sure their costume is safe. Sharp objects and props, like swords or knives, should be short and dull. They should have reflective costumes for at night, and they should fit properly so your children don’t trip on them. Test costume makeup in a small area to make sure your child isn’t allergic to it before applying to their face.

Don’t Go Alone

There is safety in numbers, so stick together in groups and never venture off alone, especially down dark alleys or on unknown streets. And never go into a stranger’s home, especially alone. Make sure these are rules you discuss with your children.

Don’t Eat the Candy Until You Get Home

Tell kids you must check the candy before they eat it. This can be for ingredients your children are allergic to, large pieces that could cause a choking hazard, or even to make sure the treats have not been tampered with. Avoid eating homemade treats- you don’t know what’s in them!

Stay Safe on the Streets

Hold a flashlight so you can see, and do not run to the homes. There could be cracks in the sidewalk or even obstructions that you can’t see, and you could trip and fall. Stay on the sidewalks as much as possible. Pay attention to cars as you make your way from home to home, and never go to a home that doesn’t have its lights on to welcome you.

Be Safe at Home

Make sure your walkways are clear and well-lit if you are expecting trick-or-treaters. Be sure all candy is properly wrapped and that people know you are open for candy-giving business by keeping lights on or having someone sit outside with candy to pass out.


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