Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades #WalmartAuto
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Picked Up New Wipers at Walmart #WalmartAuto

I spruced up my car using Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades from Walmart, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #WalmartAuto



 Walmart Auto Care Center Sign #WalmartAuto


It still puzzles me that with so many people still haven’t checked out the auto section whenever they’re shopping at Walmart. One of the best things about me moving is that I’m about 5 minutes away from Walmart. Now that I’m so close I’m usually there about 3 times a week because that’s where we do our grocery shopping, the girls get their nails done and my youngest daughter loves their pants also. For me, whenever my wife is shopping around Walmart I can pick up some oil, accessories to clean the car and pretty anything I could use and need for my cars. Walmart Auto has all the car care products you need to maintain the upkeep of your car. While checking the weather forecast I saw that a lot of rain was heading our direction and my wipers were pretty much on their last legs so I picked up some Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades. Now like any other store they keep a pamphlet so you can see what types of wipers you need for the make and model of your car as seen below.


Pamphlet for Vehicles and Wiper Types #WalmartAuto


With the season changing and as the cold weather creeps in Rain-X wipers from Walmart can handle anything. Whether you’re getting the Expert Fit Wiper Blades or the Latitude Premium Beam Blades you’ll get the best quality blades at an affordable price. You can find these products and more, at a Walmart near you or online at Walmart.com. Below are key features of both kinds of Rain-X Wiper Blades.



Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades #WalmartAuto




Rain-X EXPERT FIT Wiper Blades


-EXPERT FIT: Designed for Original Equipment Fit and Performance.
-Wiper Blade Replacement Program – Available in All Wiper Blade Styles:
-Rear Blade
-Designed to fit unique rear blade wiper arms
-Conventional Blade
-All natural squeegee rubber to resist cracking, splitting, and tearing caused by extreme temperatures
-Beam Blade
-Curved to provide a smooth wipe with Aerodynamic spoiler to reduce wind lift
-Durable wiper blade casing prevents clogging in climates with ice and snow with Aerodynamic, sturdy design to help prevent   high-speed wind lift
-Total Program Coverage:
-95% of vehicles in total car park covered
-Easy to Shop and Install:
-Packaging uses colors and sku naming convention to cue blade type distinctions


Rain-X Latitude Premium Beam Blades


-Unique from Conventional Style Wiper Blades, the Beam Style Rain-X Latitude blade contours to the curvature of the windshield to provide even wiping pressure along the full length of the blade.
-Consumers value this benefit and are continuing to upgrade from Conventional Style blades to Beam style blades.
-Rain-X Latitude Features & Benefits:
-Rated best performing blade after 6 mos by a leading consumer products magazine*
-Longer lasting and superior wipe performance
-Curved to deliver even pressure distribution for a streak-free wipe
-Graphite-coated, synthetic blend squeegee for enhanced durability
-Ultimate performance in all weather conditions
-Aerodynamic, sturdy design helps prevent high-speed wind lift
-Fits over 97% of vehicles
-Easy to install
-Excellent blade option for climates with ice and snow



Rainy Weather #WalmartAuto


Good Wipers on Rainy Day #WalmartAuto




Now as I mentioned above, bad weather was headed to Georgia and my wiper blades were on their last legs. So I made the drive the days before to pick up the Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades in my new favorite section in Walmart and that’s Walmart Auto. As you see below the importance of having some good wiper blades because it makes it hard to drive.





With the rain falling like that all day it would’ve made for a frustrating day trying to ride around with bad wipers.




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