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5 Great Tips on Saving for a Halloween Party

Saving for a Halloween PartyPlanning for a spooktacular Halloween party doesn’t have to have you strapped for cash after is over. You can make your party fun without scaring your bank account, and here’s how!

Get Organized

Before you start shopping, get organized and make a list of what you will need for the party. This will help you stay on task with shopping, plus it will help you determine which items you already have, which ones you can make to save money, which things you can buy second-hand, what items other people can bring, and what you will need to buy new. By seeing where you can save money you will be sure not to over-buy or over-indulge.

Plan Games

Games take up time, entertain kids, and save money- all at once! Try a game of pin the face on the pumpkin. It’s like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” but a bit more festive and geared toward Halloween. Simply cut out a pumpkin from orange poster board and tape it to a wall. Then, cut out the face for your pumpkin from construction paper and get kids take turns pinning the face on the pumpkin while blindfolded.

Buy in Bulk

Candy, napkins, cups, and plates can all be bought in bulk and you can use leftovers for other upcoming holidays if you go in a neutral color. Ask party patrons to pitch in on some of these items to save even more money and to ensure you don’t have a lot of leftover items to put away or to find storage for after your Halloween party is over.

Make Treat Bags

To make sure your guests are satisfied with their take-home goodies, make treat bags from brown paper bags. Stuff them full of popcorn, Chex mix (in small baggies) and wrapped candy. The popcorn will fill the bag up and the candy and Chex will add to the bulk without taking away from your budget too terribly much.

Throw it During the Day

Having a simple Halloween bash in the middle of the day is a fun way to save money and have a Halloween event, because people won’t expect you to over-indulge in decorations and food for a casual daytime shindig. Music, candy, finger foods, kid-friendly games, and some costumes is all you need to make the party fun and inexpensive.


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