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Sporting Web Apps To Keep You In The Loop

Sports App


The world of sport is more technological than ever before. From the likes of the tennis court which champions Hawkeye, to the cricket field which uses an abundance of tech to review umpire’s decisions, sport is relying on artificial intelligence more than ever before.

So it makes sense that that’s transferring into the spectator side too. We’ve grown to using our mobiles and the web almost exclusively for finding out the latest news and keeping up-to-date on fixtures, replacing the newspaper, replacing the match day programs, and replacing the local news sports reporter.

There are some amazing web-apps out there to keep us on top of sport, and in some cases, even blow our mind………….

EASports: Life Sized Messi Avatar

Life Sized Messi


This may be a year old, but it’s still one of the most unique and jaw-dropping web apps out there. To promote FIFA 2014, EA Sports developed the world’s first interactive life-size avatar of none other than Lionel Messi.

Known as LEO, he responds to mouse movements, following it with his eyes and moving his head alongside the clicks. It was created using hundreds of photos and 3D scans of the Argentinian wizard projected over 750 virtual bones to mimic the exact movements of Messi himself.

Freebets Champions League Showdown



Of course he’s just as impressive on the pitch, lighting up the Champions League on a weekly basis. According to the Freebets Champions League showdown app, his goal-scoring is up there with the very best, and only comparable to that of Raul who dominated the tournament for over 15 years.

The Champions League Showdown is a fantastic tool for comparing the best sides in Europe head-to-head. With the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea’s stats up against one another, you can put to the test who you think will be kings of Europe, and even have a little flutter to back your instincts.

EA Sports: Madden Ultimate Team


The team at EA have a habit of coming up with some great web apps, and the Madden Ultimate Team app is no different.

Running alongside their Madden console release, it’s the ultimate fantasy football allowing you to pick your favorite stars from past and present as well as a card-based mode that lets players build their squads on collectible cards. It’s the perfect add-on to the Madden franchise, and takes gaming well and truly to the next level.

Nike+ Running GPS App

Nike+One for the fitness freaks, the Nike+ web app works alongside the mobile app to collate all your running statistics, including ones that you wouldn’t be able to see with just the mobile app alone.

You can set yourself goals as well as monitoring your mentality post-workout. It’s the ultimate app for those wanting to push themselves further and having all your information including times, dates, altitudes gives you the chance to be your own sports scientist as you strive to reach your goal.

Squawka Stats Center





And speaking of stats, you won’t go far wrong with Squawka. More for the armchair fan than the up-and-at-‘em type, the web app has pretty much every stat you would ever need on the world of soccer. With live scores, fixture lists, and goal-scoring, tackling, form stats from almost every league in the world, Squawka is almost like the soccer equivalent of the bible, and of course service begins at 3pm on a Saturday.


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