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WWE Hell In a Cell 2014 PPV Review

Hell In A Cell 2014 PPV ReviewIt’s time for another PPV from the WWE and this time we have the Hell in a Cell PPV live from Dallas, Texas. We’ve had probably the best build possible for the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose match and I expect them to have a great match and I also envisioned the Ziggler/Cesaro match to be off the charts also. Let’s see how things turned out!!!

ZigglerCesaroThis match I expected to be one of, if not the best of the night. This is the best 2 out of 3 falls and Ziggler won the 1st via the roll up after a competitive match that saw plenty of near falls and the Cesaro Swing and how about that Superflex Cesaro hit on Dolph. The fans were chanting ‘this is awesome’ and how strong is Cesaro? Man this was a great match & I would mind seeing them face each other more. Dolph won the 2nd match with a super kick and Zig Zag. Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: 4/5



The loser of this match would have to be an assistant for the other for a month and I’ll be honest, this feud has lost a lot of steam and it needs to be over quickly. Coming into this match I didn’t really have any expectations but they actually delivered a decent match. Towards the end of the match, Brie applied the YES Lock on Nikki but she made it to the bottom rope. Nikki eventually won with the Torture Rack and now Brie will be her assistant for the next month. Winner: Nikki Bella

Match Rating: 2.5/5

TagTitlesThese 2 teams have been feuding for the past few months but some of the luster has been lost because they’ve been involved in multiple 6 man tag matches. As far as the match went, I knew they would put on another good match and they did. Jey went for the splash off the top rope but Stardust blocked it and Goldust hit the swinging neck breaker for the win. Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: Gold & Stardust

Match Rating: 3/5

CenaOrtonWe’ve seen this match a million times it seems like but this time they’re fighting to be the #1 contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This was a pretty physical match between the 2 and they beat the hell out of each other as they used the steel steps, chairs and tables. They countered several moves from one another and had several nearfalls in the process. In the end, Orton went for an RKO from the middle rope only to get hit with the AA from their through a table and Cena made the cover. Winner and New #1 Contender for WWE Title: John Cena

Match Rating: 3.5/5- This was a really good match, but I really wanted to see Orton vs. Lesnar instead of Cena winning yet again.


SheamusMizThis was for the United States Championship and you have to give Sheamus credit for defending the title all the time. These 2 have been feuding for a few months also and the true star of the feud has been Damien Sandown aka Mizdow. Since he’s become the “stunt double” for the Miz he has shined mimicking everything the Miz does and during this match we heard Mizdow is Awesome from the crowd as he gets a bigger reaction than the guys in the ring. The match wasn’t bad at all and in the end Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on the Miz from the top rope. Winner and Still United States Champion: Sheamus

Match Rating: 3/5

ShowRusevThis feud has been going on for a minute and it has seen Big Show rip the Russian flag to the ground, Rusev kicking an “American Soldier” and also Lana. This is the long and slow build of Rusev and adding Big Show would be huge. The match was better than expected and I was thinking we were going to see a Mark Henry heel turn when he came down to ringside. In the end, Show nailed the chokeslam for a nearfall but Rusev came back hitting 2 superkicks and 1 for Mark Henry and then applied the Accolade on Show for the win. Winner: Rusev

Match Rating: 2/5

AJPaigeThese 2 are developing a nice rivalry between them and surprisingly this card had 2 divas matches on it. Of course, this match was for the Divas Championship and these 2 have had some good matches leading up to this match. These 2 brawled the entire match from inside of the ring to the outside and we saw submission holds also. In the end, AJ Lee remained the Divas Champ by making Paige tap to the Black Widow. Winner and Still Divas Champ: AJ Lee

Match Rating: 2.5/5

AmbroseRollinsNow it’s main event time and I was so glad to see that they gave the main event slot to Ambrose & Rollins because they deserved it. This match was a straight up brawl and they beat the hell out of each other. Ambrose brought out all the weapons during his entrance and climbed to the top of the cage ala Mick Foley. Rollins sent Noble & Mercury to fight Ambrose at the top but Ambrose beat the hell out of them both. Rollins eventually climbed up there and they fought until they were trading blows until they both fell through the tables. There were doctors & EMTs who rushed to them and had them on stretchers until Ambrose got off his and started beating the hell out of Rollins. Throughout the match, they just beat the hell out of each other and when Ambrose brought in 2 cinder blocks. He was going to stomp Rollins head into them but Rollins moved and everything goes black, we hear some talking from the Titantron and there’s a latern in the middle of the ring and smoke is coming out of it. It’s BRAY WYATT and he attacks Ambrose and then does that crazy walking thing he does and hit a powerslam and Rollins covers him for the win. Winner: Seth Rollins


Match Rating: 4/5- Great match and people will complain about the Wyatt interference but I actually like it because it re-introduces Bray Wyatt and he’s instantly back in the spotlight. Also, I’m looking forward to the Wyatt/Ambrose feud while I’m assuming that Orton & Rollins will feud with each other.



Overall Rating: 7/10- This was a really solid PPV from the WWE. I really didn’t have any expectations outside of the Ambrose/Rollins & Ziggler/Cesaro, which they both delivered as expected. None of the matches were bad to the point that I didn’t want to watch them, so that’s a good thing. After the PPV, I’m looking forward to the Ambrose/Wyatt and Rollins/Orton feuds. Also interested in seeing what’s next for the Miz & Sandow, Henry & Show and Paige & Aj Lee. Not too thrilled to see what’s next for the Bellas but this will drag out at least another month, so bear with it I guess.


What did you think about the Hell In a Cell PPV? What were your highlights and lowlights of the PPV? What was your favorite match of the night? Talk to me and tell me what you thought of the PPV.




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