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Monday Night Raw Review from San Antonio October 2014



Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as it took place in San Antonio, Texas and we’re coming off the Hell in a Cell PPV. Let’s see the fallout from the PPV and see the direction they may take as we head to the Survivor Series PPV, which is one of the big 4 PPVs.


The Opening Segment: Raw opened with Triple H, Stephanie & Kane who brought Seth Rollins out to the ring. Rollins talk about finally getting rid of Ambrose but they’re interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton says he lost to Cena because of Rollins curb stomping him last week and goes to attack Rollins but is quickly separated by HHH and he calms Orton down. Out of nowhere Orton hits Rollins with the RKO.


Mark Henry & Big Show vs. Gold & Stardust: Not so much for the match, but we finally say Mark Henry turn on the Big Show. How cool would it be if Mark Henry was to join Lana & Rusev and they formed some group? Maybe they could add 1 or 2 other stars or maybe its better that Lana & Rusev stay by themselves.


John Cena and Authority Promo: So they set up a traditional Survivor Series match with Team Cena vs. Team Authority. I’m definitely for the traditional Survivor Series match and can’t wait to see who’s on both teams.


Usos vs. Miz & Damien Mizdow: This was actually a pretty good match between these 2 teams. Will this be a new feud for the Usos? Will Sandow eventually break free from Miz & become a babyface?


Hulk Hogan Appearance: Even though I’ve never been a Hulkamaniac, it was nice seeing the Hulkster!!


Bo Dallas vs. Ryback: It was nice to see the return of Ryback and the fans were chanting “feed me more” and I’m glad he returned as a face. Why are they doing this to Bo Dallas though?


Seth Rollins vs. John Cena: This was a really good match and I’m looking forward to seeing the Team Cena vs. Team Authority @ Survivor Series. Don’t know why they didn’t make Rollins look stronger but I guess no one can look strong against Cena.


AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox: We’ve seen this match a few times now but maybe we’ll see another contender for AJ Lee and maybe see a Paige/Alicia Fox feud since Paige attacked Fox.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane: I think Kane should retire because anytime he wrestles I know he’s gonna lose. But I’m thinking that Ziggler will be a part of Team Cena @ the Survivor Series and hopefully this push for Dolph continues.


Brawl At the End of Raw: The locker room came out to fight against the Authority and then turned around and fought each other. That left me confused but maybe it’ll be more to that or maybe just wishful thinking.


Dean Ambrose & Bray Wyatt Interaction: I was hoping for a little more than what happened because I have high expectations for this feud.


Nikki Bella vs. Naomi: No comment!!! I believe that Naomi could be a player in the divas division.


Overall Rating: 5.5/10- This wasn’t a great Raw especially when they usually deliver the Raw after the PPV. The big news coming out of it was the announcement of Team Cena vs. Team Authority in the main event of the Survivor Series PPV. The opening segment was pretty good especially seeing Orton come down and start a brawl with Seth Rollins, be contained and then hit the RKO out of nowhere. That was really the main things that happened on Raw and you can add the return of Ryback and Mark Henry turning on the Big Show.



Top 5 Happenings From Raw:
1) Main Event for Survivor Series Set
2) Randy Orton Hitting Seth Rollins with the RKO
3) Mark Henry turning on Big Show
4) Return of Ryback as a face
5) Seth Rollins vs. John Cena



What did you think about this edition of Raw? What were the highlights and lowlights of this Raw? Talk to me and let me know what exactly what’s your thoughts.


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