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‘Natural And Organic’ Bedding Redefined!

Organic Bedding

With the surging green trend from organic food to organic bedding, it has become a dilemma to decide what is worth buying and what is just a waste of some of your hard earned dollars. Are you really getting any benefit of opting for the green products or you should stick to the conventional alternatives? Does this question bother your peace of mind also, alike others? Choosing to talk about ‘natural and organic bedding’, let’s discuss why green bedding could be beneficial to an average consumer…


Shopping for organic bedding can include purchase of organic bed sheets, comforters, pillow cases and duvet covers. And natural fabrics used to produce these bedding items can open doors to a wide array of choices. Have a look at some of them.

Organic CottonBreathable, soft, excellent comfort, require insecticide and pesticides to grow, grown using environmentally friendly, low-impact farming methods, higher cost.

BambooGrows extremely quickly, with less water than cotton, requiring little to no fertilizers and pesticides. Feels closer to silk yet provides breathability parallel to cotton. Wick moisture away from the skin over 3 times faster than cotton.

Natural SilkLuxurious, with a lustrous sheen and feel that drapes beautifully, hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture-wicking, and strong. Renewable and biodegradable product with a Luxury price-tag. Some consumers may view the silk production process as inhumane since the insects are often killed to harvest the cocoon.


Benefits of natural materials in sheets and mattresses… An overview!


Earth Benefit – One of the biggest and the hardest to grasp benefits of using natural bedding is that it is healthy for the earth and the environment. Non-organic products are produced using non-renewable resources and emit a lot of harmful pollutants during the production process. By choosing eco-friendly bedding products, you limit the toxins going into water, land, flora and fauna. In fact, you are helping the workers in such textiles by keeping them away from cases of pesticide poisoning.

Beauty Benefit – How does it feel when you slip under the cover at night? Usually awesome, depending upon the material or fabric you chose. Let’s talk about silk for example. It is renowned for its sheen and not to mention, the smoothness. Silk pillow cases are advised by beauticians across the globe to help prevent wrinkles from sheet and protect hair. On the other hand, bamboo bed sheets have special moisture wicking properties that keep your body regulated while you snooze. It is absolutely perfect for people experiencing hot or cold flashes at night.

Health Benefit – It is not lately, we have understood the negative impact of loading our homes with chemicals and people have begun to seek out safer and greener products. Natural sheets and bedding are predominantly suggested for babies and kids who are more susceptible to chemicals in their surroundings. Organic bedding is considered hypoallergenic and has a significantly lower environmental impact than synthetics. In fact, the root structure of organically raised bamboo aids in stabilizing the soil and prevents soil erosion. Organic mattresses and bed sheets can help prevent toxic VOCs which off-gas and can impact the mind and body.


The long and short-term vantages of organic bedding products make it the only choice for health and Earth conscious shoppers.


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