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Things You Need to Consider when Betting on NBA Games

Basketball going in basket


NBA represents one of the most spectacular sporting competition. With 30 teams lined up at the start, on the entire North-American continent, the league has rapidly extended since its inception – 1946 – new teams forming and players coming from all over the world. This is, if we could say so, the “crème de la crème” in the world of basketball, because as we have seen, USA always dominated the world and Olympic competitions. With a huge number of games, the offer is rich, each bookmaker having its own advantages. Due to the density of these matches, we could bet daily within this competition, since October until the end of the play-off, in June.

Betting on NBA matches is pretty tricky because there are numerous factors that influence the outcome of the match. We will present in the following lines what you need to know when you wish to bet on an NBA match. Firstly, you should never underestimate the power of the hosting team. Even if in a match the two teams don’t seem close as value, the own court and the fans have an essential role for the hosts. At the same time, you have to take into consideration that the guests are sometimes needed to cross thousands of miles to play certain matches. So here intervenes another factor, the tiredness.

In this respect there are more rules to be followed. Because of the tiredness, certain coaches spare the main players when they have three matches in four days or even in two consecutive days. So we suggest avoiding matches back to back like these. Conclusion, you have to expect the unexpected, a champion team can win in a home derby and then lose an away match the following day against a modest team. The main reasons can be the lack of concentration and the tiredness.

Another important factor in deciding the winner of an NBA match is connected to the injured players. The daily injuries or even those throughout the entire season can drastically influence the game of a team and thus the result of that season. There were cases when important teams were denied the right to enter the play-offs or to win the title because of some unexpected injuries. So, before placing a bet you need to check the list of the injured players and see whether a team has many unavailable players.

The moral is also determined in a high proportion, through a good game and implicitly through consecutive victories the teams receives confidence and is favorite for future matches. Here one can easily speculate the underdog handicaps, the offer being quite rich.

You need to make the difference between the teams that have a good home/away game and those that prove a sort of balance. So it happens to see top teams that have an excellent performance in front of the fans and a poor one in away matches, where their game simply isn’t good. Likewise, there also are teams that maintain the same rhythm in home and away matches and the results are almost as satisfying as those from their own court.

Likewise, regarding the total number of points, the over/under line in a match, you need to consider the point average a team has when playing home and away, because there are some teams that have a spectacular home match, scoring many points and in away matches the things are quite different.

Here you should also take into consideration the last direct matches, because the line of points usually remains around the value of the last direct match played on that specific court.

Another aspect you should always consider is the lot of the two teams. For this reason there are overvalued and undervalued teams with superstars that offer lower odds than they should normally receive and of course, there are mediocre teams, without superstars, but that have a very good and united game and thus challenging the opponent. Here one can easily speculate the exaggerated handicaps and the slightly unbalanced odds between two teams of a close value.

The statistics also have an important role in this wonderful sport and it should be followed when a team hasn’t won on a certain court for a long time or when talking about the point margin between the two teams, this normally leading to an “over” match. These statistics are to be avoided in the case of the direct matches, when there were drastic changes made within a certain team after the break. This break can represent the interruption of the victory streak for the team that dominated up to that point the direct matches .

For the ending, we present statistics with all the bets that haven’t been covered in NBA during the last 10 season: the hosts won 61% of the matches, but in less than half the cases they managed to cover the handicaps posed; the guests who had a 10 points handicap covered it successfully in more than half the cases; the hosts won in 64% of the cased in which they have scored at least once and 69% if the previous victory was obtained with a 10 points margin; the guests won with a percentage of 35 after they have been defeated before and in 33% of the cases if the defeat suffered was with a 10 or more points margin.

The essential role in choosing the winner is given by the game and their constancy throughout the season and if these two conditions are met, only then it is worth betting on that certain team.


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