Marley Watching Computer
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Purina ONE SmartBlend is What’s Best for Marley #OneSmartDifference

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Marley Watching Computer #OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBias

I’ll be honest, a few years ago I never would have considered myself as a dog lover and the thought of getting one wasn’t in my plans. This coming March will be 6 years now that we have had the pleasure of having Marley. We named him after watching the movie, Marley & Me and he’s a huge part of our family and I actually address him as my son. Since we’ve moved to our new house he stay downstairs with my daughter but that don’t prevent him from coming upstairs to lay by me, lay under my wife in the office or just to run upstairs to look around and get his belly rubbed. Throughout the first few years I was pretty bad in grabbing whatever dog food that was on sale for him but as he’s gotten older he lets me know what he likes and sometimes it isn’t good for him. After one of his vet visits the doctor told me to consider getting him healthier food if we want him to have a longer life because he’s starting to gain a little weight and that’s not a good thing. After reading up on the dangers of him being overweight and such a little dog, he’s a Pomeranian I realized I have to change his diet for healthier food. As soon as I saw the campaign on Social Fabric for the Purina ONE SmartBlend dry dog food Chicken and Rice Formula I knew this would be perfect to talk about because that’s what he eats and we order it from Amazon Prime about every couple of weeks.

Marley Sticking His Tongue Out at me #OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBiasWhat’s crazy and I tell others all the time that dogs are smarter than what we think because anytime I order his food it seems like he know what I’m doing. Usually he’s upstairs sitting beside me and he’ll get in front of my laptop as I order it, which is something he know I don’t tolerate is him being on my computer. With the Purina One Smartblend dry dog food formulas they’re intended for dogs that are 1.5 years or older. On top of that, they have a 28 Day Challenge where your dog could potentially see improvement in his health from his digestion system, vision, dental health, energy, taste and a couple other areas. I’ve never really paid any attention to any of that but I can tell you that his weight is perfect, he runs around a lot more outside and he’s more playful. Below are some of the ingredients to help your dog maintain a healthier lifestyle:

-Real poultry, meat, or fish as the #1 ingredient
-Omega 6 helps give your dog a radiant coat and healthy skin
-Dual-defense antioxidant blend helps support immune system
-Glucosamine helps support healthy joints

Marley Getting Belly Rubbed #OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBias

You may be asking, what exactly is the 28 Day Challenge? Well Purina ONE, believe in proofs, not promised and they’re asking all dog lover to switch to Purina ONE dry dog food and below is what they believe the changes you’ll and in what time frame:


-Day 1+: Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
-Day 7+: Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
-Day 14+: Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrients go to work inside your dog
-Day 21+: Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrition supports a beautiful coat and healthy skin
-Day 21+: Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are a window to his health
-Day 28+: Dental Healthy: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy gums




So are you up for the 28 Day Challenge? Are you a dog lover? If so, you should try the Purina ONE Smartblend dry dog food because you want your dog to enjoy a healthier lifestyle so they can live longer.



Marley Watching Me #OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBias


Now why wouldn’t I want this beautiful dog to live with us forever? He’s been the perfect dog for us and I want the best for him.



Marley Wanting More Food #OneSmartDifference #CollectiveBias


Now after Marley finished his bowl of food I go into the office and come out he’s already trying to sneak back into his food.


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  • Jenna Wood

    Marley is adorable. All of my pets don’t obey the computer rule, but it’s cute Marley knows when you’re ordering something delicious! #client

    • Travis

      He usually behaves whenever I’m on the laptop but there’s time he’ll come between me and the laptop to let me know he wants some attention.

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