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Declutter Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

How to Declutter Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

The garage can be one of the most valuable places for storage on your property but typically, garages become the dumping ground for everything that needs to be hidden and items for which there is no obvious place.

De-cluttering your garage is always a great idea. Not only will a de-cluttering effort provide you with more space, it will also give you the opportunity to dispose of items that you no longer need or want.

1: Use offsite storage

As you go through your garage you will probably find a range of items that you forgot you had. You may realize that you own items that are too good to throw away but are really only taking up valuable space in your garage. There is a solution!

Move such items into an offsite storage facility, such as a Fort Knox Storage facility. At specialist storage facilities, your goods can be stored in a safe and secure environment that is also clean and hygienic. It is also reassuring to know that your goods can be accessed at convenient times of the day and for the length of time that you wish for them to be stored.

2: Enlist support

When you are ready to de-clutter your garage, seek the help of friends and family members. Not only will some company make the job more pleasant, helpers can assist you to lift heavy items and keep you on track and accountable when you are tempted to hold onto items for overly-sentimental reasons or because you ‘may need them someday’. Chances are, if you haven’t used them recently (or longer), you won’t miss them.

3: Move everything out

To de-clutter effectively, you need to move everything out of your garage and put it on your lawn or driveway. It’s important to concentrate on one area at a time, particularly if your garage is extremely full. By tackling the de-cluttering process section by section, you are far more likely to begin and complete the seemingly insurmountable task.

It’s helpful to see your garage completely empty and get a sense of how it could look with all clutter removed. Keep in mind though, this is rarely a simple and quick task. It may take you a period of days to organize everything.

4: Dispose of items as you go

While it’s a very good idea to recycle, donate, give away or sell as many items as possible, you will probably have items that need to be thrown out.  If you know that you have a lot to get rid of, organize for a skip bin hire that can be filled and removed. Are you are looking for cheap bins in Sydney? If so, check out reliable and affordable ones by searching skip hire sydney for great rates.

To avoid being left with huge amounts of rubbish, throw items out as you go. Organize similar items together (for example: sporting equipment, garden products). This will help you appreciate what you need to keep.

5: Sweep thoroughly and install storage solutions

When your garage is empty, sweep it thoroughly and attach space-saving systems to walls and possibly even the ceiling. It’s a great idea to use wall-mounted storage racks to raise bicycles, recreation equipment and a range of other possessions up off the ground.

When your garage is empty and you have disposed of all the items you no longer need or use, you are in a good position to return the items you are keeping and utilize the available storage space. At this point, you will be amazed at how organized and neat your de-cluttered garage really is!

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