NXT Takeover REvolution PPV poster
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WWE Presents NXTTakeover: REvolution Review

NXT Takeover REvolution PPV poster


Coming into this PPV I had very high expectations with amazing talent, great builds for the matches and the much anticipated debut of Kevin Owens. Let’s see if this PPV, WWE Network special or whatever you want to call it live up to the lofty expectations.



Kevin Owens vs. CJ Parker




The much anticipated debut of Kevin Owens formerly known as Kevin Steen in the independents. Did you hear the ovation for Owens when he came out? The crowd was definitely into this match as we saw Owens hit a dive from over the top rope and he was busted open in the match with a stiff Palm shot from Parker. Owens hit the Power Bomb on Parker for the win. Winner: Kevin Owens


Match Rating: 4/5- What a debut and the crowd loved it as they were chanting “This Is Awesome”. Great start to the show!!!! Man Kevin Owens is in so much better shape since entering NXT.



Lucha Dragons vs. Vaudevillians NXT Takeover REvolution

This was another pretty good match between these2 teams as they both got in a good amount offense and in the end Kalisto hit his finisher on Gotch to get the win. How good can Kalisto be on the main roster in the future? Also, #NXTTakeoverREvolution was trending #1 Worldwide on Twitter. Winners and Still NXT Champs: Lucha Dragons


Match Rating: 3/5



Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger


It’s awesome how the crowd counts down how many seconds it’ll take for Corbin to beat his opponent. This dude has a presence about him and in a couple of years he could be wreaking havoc on the main roster. Winner: Baron Corbin


Match Rating: Squash



Itami & Balor vs. Ascension NXT Takeover REvolution


This has been a nice built up feud with the Ascension always attacking Itami when he debuted and Itami had Balor join him in this fight against Ascension. Balor & Itami are 2 of the best ever from Japan known as Kenta and Prince DeWitt. As seen the Ascension is headed to the main roster!! How about the entrance of Finn Balor with the paint? That was awesome!!! The crowd ate it up chanting “Holy Shit”. This was a pretty good match but the Ascension is nowhere near as good as Itami & Balor but the crowd was crazy into this match. They both hit the double stomps from the top rope to win the match. Winners: Hideo Itami & Finn Balor


Match Rating: 3.5/5



Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks NXT Takeover REvolution

These 2 used to be best friends and now they’re heated rivals. The build for this match has been great also. This was a physical match between these 2 and the crowd was chanting for both of them. This match had a lot of good storytelling in it as Banks was using some of Charlotte’s moves against her. Once again while this match was going on #NXTTakeoverREvolution trending #1 worldwide on Twitter. Charlotte has that presence about her and the “IT” factor. Several near falls throughout the match. The crowd continued to chant “This is awesome” and “This is wrestling”. In the end Charlotte hit the Natural Selection from the top rope for the win. Winner and Still NXT Women’s Champion: Charlotte


Match Rating: 4/5- Wow!! What a match!! Now this is a woman’s match here and what they can do.



Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville NXT Takeover REvolution


These 2 have had such a great build for this match and the journey of Sami Zayn is equal to Daniel Bryan’s on the main roster. I’ve followed these guys for a long time ever since Adrian Neville was known as Pac the man with the gravity foot and Zayn was known as El Generico. Man this crowd was so into this match it was crazy. Alot of mat wrestling, counters, high spots, mind games and nearfalls throughout the match. This match is definitely match of the year candidate and in a cool moment was when Neville went for the Red Arrow but Zayn got his knees up and countered to a submission maneuver, great sequence and after Neville went for a pin afterwards Zayn kicked out and hit the referee. Neville hit a reverse Hurricarana and almost got the pinfall. Great stuff!! Zayn hit an awesome diving DDT on the outside through the ropes. Zayn hit his kick on the referee when Neville pulled him in the way. Finally Zayn hit the kick for win and is now the new NXT Champion. Winner and New NXT Champ: Sami Zayn


Match Rating: 4.75/5- What a freakin match!!! Afterwards the locker room came out to congratulate him lead by his best friend Kevin Owens who gave him a hug. As the locker room congratulated Zayn and Neville got up then Zayn extended his hand but Neville kicked away his hand, hugged him and lifted his arm in victory. They lifted Zayn up again and started to leave only him & Owens was left. As they headed up the stage Owens pushed Zayn down and power bombed him on the apron to close the show. Awesome stuff!! How about the feud between Owens & Zayn, which could be the feud of the 2015.


Overall Rating: 9/10- Best PPV of the year by far and that includes the main roster & TNA. Where do I start? Great debut from Kevin Owens and by the end of the night you can tell Triple H has huge plans for him. The tag titles match was pretty good and I think Kalisto could do wonders on the main roster. Baron Corbin has huge potential and could be a megastar in a couple of years if he develops into a good wrestler. How awesome was the entrance of Finn Balor? The Ascension is on their way to the main roster and I love their gimmick, they remind me of Demolition for some odd reason and that’s not a bad thing. Hideo Itami has a bright future on the main roster also and would love to see a match with him & Daniel Bryan in the future. The Charlotte and Sasha Banks match was awesome and the WWE should take notes because women who can wrestle will be successful and an asset for the company. Charlotte has the potential to be one of the all-time greats if booked right. The main event was a match of the candidate as I stated before. If you haven’t seen this match, go out of your way to do so. Was good to see Zayn finally win the big one. Owens attacking his best friend afterwards was the icing on the cake and topped off a great event. After Neville get his rematch with Zayn, what’s next for him? Could he be headed to the main roster? If booked right the WWE has such a bright future on their hands but I’ll write about that for later in the week.



What did you think about NXT Takeover REvolution? Are you excited about the future of the WWE? What were your highlights and lowlights of the show?



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