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iC3 Home Shot Trainer Helps my Son with his Shot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr. Dish iC3 for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


As someone who played basketball growing up, then coaching and now seeing my son get ready for his sophomore year in high school I’ve been a part of basketball for a long time. I have taught several kids along the way how to improve their shot but my son looks at me as dad so he really doesn’t take my advice. I’ve searched everywhere possible to find something to help him out but he finds excuses all the time as to why his shot is off. Seeing he’s at different school and with hopes of making the varsity team I had the opportunity to check out the iC3 Shot Trainer by Dr. Dish. After watching the video that’s below, I showed my son and he thought it was pretty awesome. The iC3 shot trainer, basketball training promises you it will improve your shot, boost confidence and gives him a better chance at making the team.

Dr. Dish creates three additional training machines for various levels of coaches and players. These sleek automated shooting machines are infused with technology for more intense, game-like training. This shot trainer is the best on the market and it helps to maximize shots per minute with high-repetition shooting, improve accuracy and shot arc, develop muscle memory, increase shooting percentage and best of all for me, it sets up quickly and easily. The Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer is the only home basketball system that combines high-repetition training with proper arc shooting for improved performance in the shortest amount of time.


Do you have a son or daughter that plays basketball and would love to see them improve their shot? If so, for guaranteed results you need to check out the iC3 Shot Trainer by Dr. Dish and see how much your child’s game will improve. You can the Review product info and purchase online also you can Like us on Facebook for workouts, videos and other fun content.

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