Car Insurance under a magnifying glass
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Four Things You May Not Know About Car Insurance

Car Insurance under a magnifying glass

If you are shopping for car insurance or already have a policy, there may be a few things that you didn’t realize about car insurance. Some of these things can save you money on your car insurance by getting lower premiums, while others can save you money by correcting a problem with your policy that you didn’t even know existed. The following are four things to consider about a car insurance policy and the companies that issue them.

Your teenager may not be on your policy

Many people think that once their teenager is old enough to drive, that he or she is automatically covered on their current policy. However, this is rarely, if ever true. You will need to contact your insurance agent to have your son or daughter added to the policy.

Good credit means lower rates

If you have a good credit rating, this can translate into a lower rate on your policy. Not every insurance company offers this type of discount, but it is common among the larger insurance companies. People with good credit ratings have a tendency to be more responsible with their driving as they are with their personal finances.

Your profession may mean lower rates

Just as a good credit rating can lead to lower car insurance rates, certain professions are favored by an insurance company. Those who are teachers, engineers and accountants are often given discounts. Those who are engaged in a specific type of career are considered more responsible behind the wheel of a car and are given a discount. You need to make sure that you are being given this discount if your current insurance company offers this discount and your job qualifies.

Paying for your policy with one payment saves money

Often people will make several payments for their insurance policy, and this will cost more money. There are certain finance charges and fees that are added to the amount of the policy when it is paid for in installments. In some cases, this may not be a lot, but with some companies it can be a significant amount of money. Make sure you understand the difference in price of the policy when paid for with a single payment and the total cost of the policy when making installment payments.

The factors listed above are common with large car insurance companies. Make sure you do your research to find the right one for you. Once you are ready you can get a quote for insurance in Douglasville or any other city.



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