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Bingo – a game for the guys?

Guy Playing online


Traditionally, the game of bingo has always been one that has been linked with women. With many enjoying a game or two online now at online brands such as Umbingo. Perhaps the reason for this was that it’s probably the ‘gentlest’ form of gambling game around – and therefore somehow considered more ‘acceptable’ for women to play than they might feel pulling a chair up to a poker table or going to shoot craps.

But nowadays the stereotype that women shouldn’t enjoy other more ‘serious’ gambling games seems a little outmoded, and so, too, does the fact that bingo is viewed as a women’s game. Why shouldn’t men enjoy playing this simple game of chance that only costs a tiny amount to play but can lead to amazing cash prizes?

A big factor in the change of the bingo player demographics is that the game has become an online game. Now, there’s no need to go anywhere to play bingo. You can play on your desktop, on a tablet or on a smartphone at sites such as Costa, 123 Bingo and Bingo Hall. And that flexibility and ease of access to the games means that more people than ever before are trying their luck at bingo. Although the majority of players online and off are still female, there has been a steady increase in the number of male players, and research has shown that bingo players are getting younger all the time. Apparently 90% of online bingo players are now aged 50 or under.

What about you? Have you played online bingo? There’s never been a better time to try out whether you like the game. As there are so many different sites offering more or less the same choice of games, you’ll find that the competition to win over new players is high. That means it’s a bit of a players’ market and you can get hold of plenty of free credit to play with. Most sites offer a welcome bonus when you first sign up and put in some of your own money to play with. At some sites like Costa, the bonus is a whopping 500% on a £5 deposit – that’s got to be worth having!

Even if you play a few games and decide you don’t like bingo, there are plenty of other games to play the bonus money through with, including casino games such as roulette or blackjack and lots of online slots.

However, it’s unlikely that you won’t enjoy bingo. The fact that you can do nothing to influence the result is part of its appeal. All you have to do is choose a game and how many cards you want to play; then sit back and watch what happens. Unlike the land-based game, there’s no stress in keeping up with the number calls – the software will daub matching numbers on your cards for you. It even logs a win automatically.

That means you’re free to relax and watch the game, or play side games at the same time. For many players, one of the best things about online bingo is that during play you can chat to other players about the game – or anything else for that matter – in the bingo chat rooms.


Bingo’s a game that is entertaining, good value and easy to play. It’s also got a social side – why wouldn’t men want to get involved?



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