Resolution for 2015
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New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Resolution for 2015


First and foremost, Happy New Year to everyone that’s reading this and I hope you had a great 2014 then it can carry over to 2015. Last year was one of the better years I’ve experienced as a husband, father, blogger and a person. While 2014 saw me accomplish many things, I am someone that loves to push forward and do things better. With that said, I’ll name a few things that I want to improve on for the next year and I will update on my progress in April.


Good Health

I know that you’re reading this and saying, man everybody says the same thing but by the end of January you’ve already went back on this promise. I’ve started already by switching up my diet and started to eat healthy towards the end of the year. Also, there’s a new gym that’s opening sometime in the near future that’s 5 minutes from my house and I will be joining that also. Since I’m getting close to my 40s I really need to take my health more seriously and in 2015 is the year for me to do that.

Day Shift Employment

I’ve worked on nightshift ever since my kids have been born and it’s time for a change. My son will turn 16 in a week and he’s wanted me to go to dayshift for the past few months now along with my daughters. The reasoning for me to work at night because daycare was expensive and they always were sick when they went there. The opportunity came for me to go to nights and while we saved money I also got the chance to always be the classroom parent to go on all the field trips and read to the kids. With my oldest 2 in high school now and my youngest being in the 4th grade I’m too old for it. Also, I had to get my youngest her blessings because I wouldn’t be able to go to all of her classroom activities and she’s now cool with it if it means that I’ll be home every night.

Being a Better Person

This past year I have to say that I listened more and try to help people around me out more. While still mourning the loss of my grandma who died 11 years ago I seem to neglect my other grandmother and that has to change. My grandma who passed gave me that tough love that I needed growing up and when I became a young man she was the one that I talked to about ALL the problems I had and never judged me. My other grandmother has always been a very religious person but growing up she gave me everything I ever wanted. When I had my first child we had a disagreement and I’ve carried that hurt for too many years and that’s going to end now. One thing about tomorrow and that it’s never promised so I’m going to spend as much time possible with her. I feel that I don’t need to change anything about my parenting because I’ve always felt that’s one area I have always been pretty good at and I just want to continue that.

Improve Daddy’s Hangout

Last year was a great year for me seeing that I networked with several great people, brands and just everything went great for me. This year I really would like to network more, travel some and improve on everything for the site. I want to write more personal posts, while trying to improve on my sports and music content. I really need to engage more on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more social sites. Last but not least, I will study more on how to improve everything possible.

Helping Others

This year there are a couple of things that I would love to do and it has to do with helping others. The first thing I want to do is help out the homeless by gathering up clothes to give to them, help serve them meals and just sit down to talk to them. The next thing I want to do and I want to start getting sponsors now and that’s help sponsor families for the holidays next year. My family has been blessed and at times I still wasn’t happy but helping others bring me joy. So I would like to get sponsored gifts for companies to give to families in need for the holidays.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they and what will you do to keep up with them? Whatever they are, I just hope you enjoy this new year and hope you continue to receive blessings.


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