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Saving Money with the 52 Week Money Challenge in 2015

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With this being a brand new year I’m sure that everyone has created a list of New Year’s Resolutions like me. Whether it’s losing weight, exercising more or being a better person I’m sure that people love to save money. I know I love saving money whether for vacation, Christmas or just to have some money for those rainy days as some might say. Throughout the years I’ve used different tactics for saving money and have found other websites to teach you about saving money also. One thing that I’ve done over the years is open up another account and has a certain amount of money from my check to go to that account and not touch it. A couple of years ago I was told about the 52 Week Money Challenge by a couple of people and I didn’t think much about it. After doing my yearly routine of planning I revisited the 52 Week Money Challenge and thought to myself, why in the hell I didn’t do this a couple of years ago?



52 Week Money Challenge



As you see up above, it’s really simple and a good way to save over $1300 dollars a year and it could be used for a number of things from Christmas shopping or just money to have. My wife has stressed that it’s something she wants to do it also. Now you can get your spouse in on the fun and at the end of the year you will have over $2700 dollars extra in your possession. You’re probably asking, how can I have that kind of money at the end of the year without stressing over it? For every week throughout the year, you put back the dollar amount for the week number (ex. Week 15 you put back 15 dollars). That doesn’t seem too bad now does it? So with this being Friday and the first week of the year, all you have to put back is $1.



Will you try the 52 Week Money Challenge with me? Is it something you think you could do the entire year? Have you tried it and if so, did you get through the entire year? What are some money saving tips have you tried successfully?




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