The Evolution of Texting

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It’s Official!!! Technology has taken over and it’s amazing how far it has come along just the last few years. No matter the age of people, it seems like more people are communicating more by texting because more Americans have cell phones. Nowadays there are more cellphones than there are people and the landlines are a thing of the past. For me, I haven’t had a landline phone in probably 7 years now and that’s crazy because some co-workers were just talking about finally getting caller ID back in the day and how it was a big thing. It’s been said that emails are slowly becoming a thing of the past because people respond to texts quicker and more often than reading emails. Texting hasn’t only sparked the decline of emails but voice calls is used 5x less than texting. Does any else receive texts from people that say, hey call me lol. With the takeover of smartphones with 56% of American adults own them, 81% of people ages 25-34 own smartphones and only 18% of people ages 65+ own smartphones. With all providers now offering unlimited texts, I really don’t see the end of this and it will only get worse.


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