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RIP Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott


Cooler than the other side of the pillow or BOOYAH!!! Those were 2 of the many phrases that Stuart Scott brought to SportsCenter. This morning ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer, he was 49. Honestly, it feels like I lost a family member because I followed him, looked up to him and you could tell that so many people on ESPN started to emulate his style. I still remember watching him the first time when I was a teenager and I was amazed because he talked like me, had that swag about himself and you could tell he was influenced by hip hop. Before him, I liked SportsCenter and watched it whenever I had the time but ever since he arrived, I HAD to watch SportsCenter.

I remember the ESPYs this past July where he was the Jimmy V award and gave an amazing speech. For the people that don’t remember, Jimmy V faced the same challenges about 20 years prior and Jimmy V gave a great speech for the ages. It was said that they didn’t know that Stuart Scott would be able to make the trip because he went through multiple surgeries the week before. He was definitely a fighter and it was hard to believe that he’s been fighting cancer on-and-off for about 7 years and he was always upbeat, still loved to joke and even was playful when there were rumors of him in hospice care. Watching the piece that ESPN played this morning was touching and as a father, it was amazing that he was basically fighting for them it seems. Seeing his love for his daughters and even bringing his youngest daughter to the ESPYs on stage to give him a hug after his speech and that was priceless. Honestly, I could go on about his impact on the culture and myself but this is pretty emotional for me right now and all I got to say is REST IN PEACE Stuart Scott!!! #GoneButNeverForgotten


What are some of your memories of Stuart Scott? How long were you a fan of Scott’s?


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