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TNA Impact Wrestling from New York City

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Welcome to the 1st of edition of Impact Wrestling of 2015 and on Destination America as they hail from New York City at the infamous Manhattan Center. I was actually looking forward to this edition as I said mentioned in my Monday Night Raw review.


Opening Brawl: I really wasn’t a fan of the opening brawl to start off the show; I thought it was a little cheesy. Angle came out and starts announcing matches while everyone was still fighting. That lead to MVP getting into the ring and started shooting on Angle about how he’s washed up and Angle revealed he resigned as Director of Operations and now he’s an active wrestler. By the way, I love the opening video!!

Kurt Angle vs. MVP: This was a decent match that saw plenty of submission moves, reversals and MVP working on the knee of Angle. The finish came when Angle hit the Angle Slam on MVP for the win.

Ethan Carter III: The WWE dropped the ball on him when they referred to him as Derrick Bateman because he has star written all on him.

Austin Aries vs. Low Ki: This was a pretty match as expected from these 2 and Aries hit the Brain Buster to win the X Division championship for the 6th time.

Knockout Battle Royal for Title: Wasn’t a fan of the match or having the champion defend the title in a battle royal. After Taryn Terrell won the match, Havok attacked her and then the lights went out and OMG…………Awesome Kong was in the ring and she’s back in TNA, the crowd was chanting Holy Shit!!!! Havok left and the referee got in Kong’s face telling her to leave but was met with a chokeslam. Can’t wait to see her and Havok but we got to get another Kim/Kong match also. Those 2 had some of the best matches you’ll ever see.


The Wolves vs. James Storm & Abyss: The Wolves were amazing I just don’t like the team of Storm & Abyss and they just couldn’t keep up with the Wolves. The finish came when Jeff Hardy tried to prevent Abyss from using an object on the Wolves but he was knocked into Eddie Edwards that lead to Storm hitting him with the Last Call. Not a big fan of cheap finished but I understand them trying to include the Hardy’s into the tag title race.

Bobby Roode vs. Bobby Lashley: This wasn’t as good as their prior 2 matches but I hate those kinds of finishes TNA is known for. Seeing Low Ki, Samoa Joe and then Eric Young turn heel was too much and I hate seeing how they’ve used Joe for a long time. With Lashley’s friends attacking the referee, shouldn’t it have been a DQ? Too much in the final segment!!!




Overall Rating: 6.5/10- This was a good way to debut on the new channel as we saw a couple of title changes. It’s good to see Angle back in the ring, but you could tell the ring rust which isn’t surprising with him coming back from injury. The best moment for me was seeing Awesome Kong returned to TNA to confront Havok; I believe the WWE really dropped the ball not bringing her back as Kharma because she was super over with the crowd. Her being back definitely elevates the Knockouts Division and looking forward to seeing her wrestle again. Speaking of WWE dropping the ball, I believe Ethan Carter III has superstar written all over him. He is gaining an incredible amount of heat and having Tyrus with him only adds to his character. The X Division match was good as expected and it was good to see Aries capture the championship. My biggest gripe is the main event with all the chaos, swerves and 3 heel turns at the same time was too much. I don’t understand having Samoa Joe turn heel when he’s over more than just about anyone on the roster.


Top 5 Happenings on Impact Wrestling:
1) Kurt Angle Back Wrestling again
2) Return of Awesome Kong
3) Ethan Carter III
4) MVP setting the stage for the man event
5) The chaos of the main event

What did you think about TNA’s debut on Destination America? What were your highlights and lowlights of the show? Let me know your thoughts of the “new” Impact Wrestling.

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