Man Hitting the Snooze Button
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When Good Things Comes to an End……..Back to Night Shift

Man Hitting the Snooze Button


I have to admit I had a great time in the past couple of weeks, and it was wonderful. I had time for everything I wanted to do, everything I wanted to enjoy, and there was no schedule to stop me from doing what I liked best. Yes, people, I had a two weeks’ vacation, and I had a blast. It was so peaceful to wake up in the morning, to be able to sip your warm coffee and to enjoy the daily news. No hustle, no headache, no deadline to meet. I believe it is a well-deserved reward after a period in which you worked hard and left any leisure activity aside.

But like any other good things in our lives, it did not last forever. The two weeks the past like a storm and I soon had to face the idea of returning back to my night shifts. It was like a beginning of a horror movie to me. My brain refused to believe the reality that was approaching. It was like my mind was asking myself how it can be possible, since yesterday night I watched an excellent movie and felt asleep relaxed even before I got to see the end. For the next period, I had almost to train my mind to accept the cruel reality of going back to work. My only hope was to think that time is passing fast, and I will soon face another vacation. Yes, I know, I’m thinking way too far, but at least I started to feel a little warm on the inside.

It is unbelievable how hard your mind can accept returning to something that is not that fun. It is like a stubborn child wanting to do only fun things and relax all the time. It doesn’t matter you’ve been doing the same thing years after years, you mind still enjoys the best being set off and relaxing during vacation time. And two weeks is a period in which you can do a lot of things that can completely disconnect you from your usual work schedule. It is like it never existed, or it looks like a sad and distant memory.

It is though a particular morning, towards the end of your vacation, when you wake up realizing that all the relaxation time is coming to a close. It is like the brain receives an impulse to start its recovery to get back on track. It is not easy. It is like a Diesel engine struggling to start in a cold winter morning. But as much as I hated, acceptance is the only way to get through this re-accommodation period. Soon I will be back on my nightshift, still having that bitter taste in my mouth of a vacation that ended too early. But I don’t regret a second. The next vacation is waiting in the future, and the best way, to ease your time, is to start planning ahead the fun things you will do then. It will help lighten any frowned face.

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