Toyota Camy To Be A Dad Kurt Warner
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Toyota Camry To Be a Dad

Toyota Camy To Be A Dad Kurt Warner


How do you become a good father? Is it something you learn from your parents, or a choice you make on your own? We partnered with director Lauren Greenfield and talked with some of the best dads in professional football like DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson and Kurt Warner, to find out for ourselves. In this piece we show that while you can’t choose the dad you have, you can choose the dad you’ll be. Check out the video below!!!




For me, I’ve been asked this question several times on how you become a good father. Basically being a good father means the world to me because several men in my family never took that responsibility seriously and I saw the hurt in the kid’s eyes. I remember learning when I was going to become a father for the first time after my 20th birthday. I must admit, so many thoughts started running through my mind and the first was, how would I tell my parents because I was scared of them LOL. I know that may sound crazy seeing how a lot of kids are today, but I was afraid to tell my parents because I feared their reaction. They took it well but unfortunately a couple of months later we found out my future wife had a miscarriage. That is something I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through and I remember crying for days. But we had our son about 13 months after the miscarriage. Afterwards, all my attention was focused on being the best father for him and to always be there whenever he needs me. Since then, we’ve had two girls and they’ll be 15 and 10 respectively in March. Everything I’ve done before having them was stopped immediately. That meant no more going out to clubs and spending all my time with them. Being a good father over the years meant showing my son how a man treats women and being an example of how to be the man of the house like  helping out with chores. My daughters have seen over the years how I treat my wife with respect, never calling her out of name and always being a gentleman. Since they’re getting older, we’re always having talks about different aspects of life whether it’s drugs, sex or just the peer pressures of the world today. Hopefully when they get older and have their own families they’ll realize that I was a great father. Hopefully my son follows my pattern and my daughters eventually find a man that treats them with respect. Watching the video above definitely hits home because my kids have given similar answers to teachers who ask about me all the time- I’m always telling them and showing them how much I love them. Like LaVarr Arrington, my dad was ex-military and he never showed affection or said I love you. He was just say, “You’ve done alright.” That’s after scoring 25 points in basketball, hitting 3 HRs in a game in baseball or making 15 tackles in football.



In the 2nd video above, Amy Purdy triumphs to the iconic words of Muhammad Ali. To save her life, her dad had to make life changing decisions. She then went on to win a medal in Sochi. #OneBoldChoice


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