Fudge Marble Snickers Cupcake #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad
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Making Snacks with Snickers for the Big Game #CollectiveBias

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Fudge Marble Snickers Cupcake #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


Are your ready for the upcoming Big Game? I haven’t been this excited about the match-up we have this year in the Big Game in a very long time and really looking forward to it. Not only do you get to see the 2 best teams in football but you see some great commercials, enjoy time with the family and eat some great food. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of daughters that share my love for football but they wanted to change things up this year. Every year for the Big Game we always go to Walmart to get some pizza and I usually make some homemade wings. This year they wanted to add some snacks they love to the mix and luckily I had the opportunity to create a recipe or 2 with some of their favorite candy and that’s SNICKERS®. #CollectiveBias


Snickers in Walmart #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


My daughters thought it would be a great idea to make something with the candy to eat and to drink. The first thing they wanted to do is make was some fudge marble cupcakes topped with SNICKERS for the Big Game. While we were prepping everything we turned the oven on to 350 degrees to pre-heat. After mixing the 2 different mixes together we put them in our football cupcake holder and cook for about 20 minutes.


Fudge Marble Cupcakes #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


When you remove the cupcakes from the oven after 20 minutes put a toothpick in the cupcakes to see if they’re done by seeing if any moisture is on your toothpick.


Cupcake with Toothpick In It #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


Afterwards we can start adding the icing, SNICKERS toppings, and sprinkles and add the football to top everything off.


Fudge Marble Cupcakes with Snickers Toppings #BigGameSnacks #CollectiveBias #ad


With the extra SNICKERS we have left over we can put them in our little football for us to get anytime we want a snack.The girls didn’t want t o stop there because they wanted to try to make something to drink. We decided that we would try to make some SNICKERS milkshakes and all we needed was sugar, SNICKERS, milk and ice cream. First add milk to the blender!!


Milk in Blender Cup


After adding milk to the blender then you’ll add sugar to the milk in the blender.


Sugar in Measuring Spoon #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


Put SNICKERS into the blender after you put in the milk and sugar.


Adding Snickers #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


Add ice cream to the blender after the milk, sugar and Snickers. You can add vanilla or chocolate but I added the SNICKERS ice cream to make it better.


Adding Ice Cream #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


After putting it all together, turn the blender on low for a few seconds depending on how thick you like it and that’s it.


Snickers Milkshake #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


You can also make it a treat also by adding more ice cream and SNICKERS to top everything off.


Snickers Snack #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad


To complete our day we couldn’t go without having some candy to just go and grab. We decided that we pick up some of our favorite candies Life Savers®, Skittles® and Starburst® and put them in treys so we can have access anytime we wanted them.


Skittles, LifeSavers and Starburst #BigGameTreats #CollectiveBias #ad



Now that I’ve shared a couple of recipes for the Big Game, let me know what are some of your favorite recipes you put together in preparation for the Big Game? Leave a comment below or instructions so I can try it out.




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