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Watching Boxtrolls on Family Movie Night

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Boxtrolls Pop Secret #BoxtrollsFamilyNite #PMedia #ad

How important is quality family time is for you? Seeing how things have changed so much over the years with the influx of electronic devices from phones, iPads, tablets and too many to name them all, people are always occupied. I have to be honest that I’m always tied up checking emails, doing stuff around the house and just normal stuff to be done. Seeing that my oldest 2 are in high school I realize even more that quality time with them without distractions is very important. One of the things we have been doing for the past few years is reserving Saturday nights to do things as a family whether it’s going out to eat, playing a family game or doing family movie night. One of the things I always do and it may sound crazy but I usually take up all the electronic devices so we can concentrate on the movie and not texting, music or emails to take away from family time. There are a few things that we do that makes our Family Movies nights successful.


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Pick a Great Movie to Watch

That’s probably the most important thing to do by having a good movie that everyone in the family will enjoy. On this Saturday night we got the chance to watch the new movie The Boxtrolls, which is great because my daughters were always asking about the movie when the commercial comes on. Before watching The Boxtrolls we heard nothing but great things about the movie and it lived up to expectations. Like many movies we love to watch, The Boxtrolls offer us a chance to teach the kids life lessons by telling them not to judge people without knowing them. The best part of having this movie is that my daughters can watch it anytime they feel like it and you can do the same by heading to Walmart and get your own copy. Check out the trailer for The Boxtrolls below:


Boxtrolls Movie #BoxtrollsFamilyNite #PMedia #ad


Snacks to Enjoy

What better way to watch a great movie than with something great to snack on like some popcorn. Since we love the buttery popcorn from the theatres, we always pick up the 10 count Pop Secret Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn that’s available at Walmart while supplies last, which is great and something you all should have during family movie night.


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Games to Play:

After eating your Pop Secret popcorn and enjoying The Boxtrolls movie, there are several things you can do afterwards. You could go your separate ways to enjoy the rest of the night or if you have little ones then you can play some games. If you want to continue your Boxtrolls themed night by downloading some great games online and you can check out one up above.


Boxtrolls Printable Game #BoxtrollsFamilyNite #PMedia #ad


Have you had the luxury of watching The Boxtrolls movie? Did you enjoy it just as much as my family? What are some things you do for Family Movie Night?




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