CapriSun party #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad
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Grab Capri Sun to Help with Valentine’s Party #CollectiveBias

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CapriSun party #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad


It’s amazing how time is just flying by because it seems like we were just celebrating a brand new year and now we’re about a week away from Valentine’s Day. We’re used to having a little get together with family or just the 5 of us but as you know with teenagers, they feel like they’re a little too old for that stuff. This year my wife and I decided that we’ll be the classroom parents for our daughters’ 4th grade class and have enjoyed every bit of it this year. We have done their Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties already this year so we’re excited for the upcoming Valentine’s party and being a dad, I get to see what other little guys being extra special to my daughter LOL. Like the other parties we usually plan everything at home and do the set-up here before taking it to school. With other parents bringing most of the candy and other snacks we’re always bringing something to drink for the kids and maybe another snack. Like always, we head to Sam’s Club to get the most for your money and that of course is 40 Pack Capri Sun Variety Pack. #CapriSunParties


Capri Sun @ Sam's Club #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias


Whether you’re throwing a party at school or just to have around the house Capri Sun is great to always have around. 40 Pack Capri Sun Variety Pack contain Fruit Punch, Pacific Cooler, Wild Cherry and Strawberry Kiwi and it has no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives and they provide a good source of Vitamin E. They’re good for parents-awesome for kids, have reduced sugar with 25% less sugar than other leading juice drinks and a clear bottom pouch so you can see the goodness. Let’s start this Valentine’s party out and see things come together.


Heart Sandwich #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad


Usually we just make some sandwiches by just throwing some Kraft Cheese, Ham and Turkey Oscar Mayer sandwich meat and Kraft mayo on bread and make them heart shape. If you’re looking for some great recipes and some great things to cook while shopping at Sam’s Club, check out their Kraft Recipe page.


Heart Tic Tac Toe #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad


We have several great things we will take to school for the kids like cutting out a heart on the poster board and playing tic tac toe with hearts.


Heart Shaped Cookies #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad


While picking up your Capri Sun at Sam’s Club we decided to grab some Valentine’s themed heart-shaped cookies. As you see, as mentioned above that we’re going to make some sandwiches and make them into hearts.


Valentine's Snacks #CapriSunParties #CollectiveBias #ad


Anytime you have a party with kids, you always have to have something they can just pick up and eat. With it being Valentine’s we decided to get those candy hearts and some Kraft Marshmallows to go with the Capri Sun. As you can see we did the Valentine’s theme by having the white and pink kinds to choose from.


As you see that is how we’re going to do our Valentine’s Day party, what are some recipes you may have or traditions you would like to share? What’s something you do with your family or maybe you celebrate by having a party at your child’s school?

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  • Jenna Wood

    It’s wonderful that you and your wife are classroom parents, it can be a really rewarding experience- it looks like you’ve thought of everything for their Valentine’s Day party- including mess free drinks! #client

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