February 14th Valentine's Day
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10 Unique and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 14th Valentine's Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are looking for something special to do for the person they love. Fortunately, there are several unique and romantic ideas that will make your holiday special. Here are 10 suggestions:

1 – Descriptive and Delicious Kisses

Fill a felt bag with chocolate kisses and words that describe different types of kisses. For example, one bag can say passionate. Another can say butterfly kisses. You can give these bags to your significant other during the week of Valentine’s Day. When they open them, make sure they give you the kind of kiss described.

2 – Book of Thanks

Make a book for the person you love. Write down all of the reasons you love them and are thankful for them.

3 – Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt full of Valentine’s Day activities. The end of the hunt can be a fun destination or a romantic dinner.

4 – Charm Bracelet

Buy a heart charm bracelet for your significant other, like this one from Milano. The heart can be the first charm she receives. Then, each Valentine’s Day and anniversary you can give her additional charms for the bracelet.

5 – Romantic Getaway

Plan a romantic getaway for your Valentine. This will allow you to get away from the stress of day-to-day life and focus on each other. You can go somewhere fun and romantic like a bed and breakfast.

6 – Roses With Notes

Instead of giving the traditional bouquet of roses, attach notes to each stem. On each note, write the reasons you love her or plans for future dates.

7 – Reenact Your First Date

For added romance, try reenacting your first date. You can go to the restaurant you ate at or create the same ambience.

8 – Rose With a Poem

Send 11 roses to your significant other. Then, give her the final one in person while reading her favorite love poem. You can even write her your own poem if you prefer.

9 – Box of Gifts

Fill a box with gifts that you can use on Valentine’s Day. For example, if you want to go hiking together, you can get sunscreen, sunglasses, and a map. This is a fun way to prepare your significant other for the holiday festivities.

10 – Night In

Spend the night in and relax. If you had kids, make sure they are out or asleep so you can focus on each other. Light some candles, order take out, and eat by the fire.

Remember, it is important to take the time to show your love – especially on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have something special planned, try one of these 10 ideas.


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