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My Dads Story – Dream for My Child

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Fatherhood!!! It’s something that I thought about going back to when I was a teenager in high school. Before I carry on, it’s not what you’re thinking because it has nothing to do with being in love with a girl or meeting the girl of my dreams at a young age either. It was all about how I interacted with kids younger than myself, how they looked up to me and how I was so overprotective of a couple of my younger cousins. Growing up I had a couple of cousins who were much younger than me and their dads wasn’t what I believed to be good dads so I sort of became their father figure. Now I must admit that I wasn’t perfect because I was a teenager at the time and I done quite a few things that I’m not proud of but they didn’t know it or never saw it either. They were so attached to me and the feeling was mutual also because several weekends throughout my high school years they’d always wanted to spend the night to hand around me and I’d always let them. Now remember I was around 16 or 17 years old when this became a habit for them but I always dropped my plans to do whatever they wanted because I always was concerned about their future and wanted to steer them from the negativity they faced. That attitude remains but now I have 3 kids of my own and would do anything in the world to make sure they have anything they need and never have to stress about anything, except maybe keeping their rooms clean and of course school work. Check out the touching video below and let me warn you, grab some tissues because it’s very touching and sums up what fatherhood is all about. #DreamForMyChild



With my kids I’ve always wanted the best for them no matter what and like the dad in the video, I’ll admit I have lied about situations in my life so my kids don’t have to worry. I’ve worked long shifts while being sick and when I got home and my kids wanted to play, guess what I had to do without hesitation. There were plenty of times when they would ask if I was alright or say, dad you need to go get some rest you look tired and tell me we can play later. Knowing that one day they’ll be moved out of the house, having their own families and they won’t be babies anymore. I work really hard for them because I want to give them everything they need to work towards their life goals and I just want them to be successful and that doesn’t mean being millionaires but just to have a better life than I had. I really want them to take education seriously and attend college after they finish high school and that’s something I’ve always wanted them to achieve so they can have a career, not a job meaning that they can go to school for something they enjoy. Seeing that I work at night, blog in the daytime and I actually went to college well after they were born is something I don’t want for them. With all the bad influences that this generation face I fear that peer pressure to be something they’re not will get in the way of them achieving that their dreams and that is why I’m always on them. So yes, I have lied to them for many reasons and when I have or will continue to, it’s because I’m only trying to protect them because I don’t want them to worry because daddy will be alright as long as they achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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