Man Doing yardwork

5 Great and Helpful Maintenance Tips for Your Backyard

Man Doing yardwork
Backyard maintenance is something many homeowners put in the too-hard basket until one day they look out their kitchen window and realize the whole place has been overrun by weeds and unruly wild grass. The thing is, with just a small amount of work every day, you can create a backyard paradise. Here’s how.

Spring Cleaning

Keep an eye on your heard surfaces, including tiles, pavers, garden rocks, fences, gates, and even gazebos. Time and elements take their toll on these items and they can end up covered in grime and dirt. Grab yourself a pressure washer from a specialist like Ryobi and watch them go from lackluster to eye-catching within just a few minutes. You only need to do this sort of thing once a year.

Lawn Care

Particularly in warmer climates, grass grows like crazy. Set aside an hour of your week to mow and go around the edges with a line trimmer to keep it from getting too unruly. Keep an eye out for any weeds while you’re out there and rip them up if you find them – prevention is better than cure when it comes to those horrible things. If you live in a drier part of the world, make sure your lawn is getting a regular watering to promote stronger growth,
and you can learn the best time to water grass in this article. Lawn care is essential to making your home go from nice to amazing. You can check out trugreen Massachusetts for top of the line care that will leave you in awe.


No, it doesn’t smell very nice, but fertilizer is by far one of the most important and effective things you can do for your lawn. Many garden experts will tell you to fertilize your lawn and gardens four times a year to keep them very healthy, but you can always get away with only once or twice if you think your neighbors won’t be too impressed with having that particular aroma in their lives so often. Find out which type will work best for you and go from there.

Flower Beds and Gardens

When it comes to your garden beds, make sure that they’re free of detritus like old mulch and dead leaves or debris that’s blown in from elsewhere in the yard. Keep your shrubs and trees in check with a bit of pruning too. Don’t go hacking up your trees before they bloom though.

Moving On

You shouldn’t be afraid to toss anything out of your garden that isn’t working for you. Are there plants you’ve tried that have stunted or aren’t quite thriving? They’ve had their shot. Get them out, try something else, and see if they’re more successful. There’s no point trying to help a struggling plant along if, in the long run, it’s just going to die on you anyway. Better to use that space for something that you know will survive. Being sentimental won’t help your backyard flourish. This could also raise the value of your home if you decide to sell.

Hopefully these tips will give you a few ideas about where to start when it comes to looking after your own backyard and keeping it tidy and prosperous. A small investment in maintenance yields a lot of time and money saved in the long run. What are your favorite backyard maintenance tips? Tell all in the comments below.

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