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What’s Your Gym Persona?

Guy Working Out


Once you have been going to the gym for a while, you may find yourself falling into a predictable routine. Whether you find your place in the weight room doing heavy squats or are drawn to the neat rows of cardio machines, discovering your comfort zone is a natural part of working out.

Although certainly not inevitable, many gym-goers also come to see a little of themselves and a lot of the people surrounding them as fitting into one of these popular gym archetypes. From the oversized-bag carrying, Zumba-loving gym mom to the hard bodied, mirror-loving Jack the ripped regular, these gym personas are hard to miss. Next time you’re working out, look around you and try to find each of these regulars. For truly inspired workouts, try adopting a different persona a week. With a pair of ear buds and an upbeat attitude, you can channel your inner talker or break out that muscle shirt and try on Mr. Personal Trainer for size.

Check out this infographic that sums up the most distinctive regulars and offers tips on how to spot them or, in the case of those brave enough to join the persona-a-week club, how to become them. Not only will you spend more time in the gym working out, you’ll keep everyone around you guessing and highly entertained.



Gym Personas

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