2015 Tournament Bracket
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2015 NCAA Tournament Predictions #MarchMadness

2015 Tournament Bracket


It’s one of my favorite times of the year again and that’s March Madness. As many of you know that Kentucky is the favorite to cut down the nets and finish their season 40-0, making them the 1st team to go undefeated since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. Let’s see how things will play out and see who will be in my Final Four. Like last year, I’ll start things off with the Round of 32 and go from there.

Midwest Region

#1 Kentucky over #8 Cincinnati
#4 Maryland over #5 West Virginia
#3 Notre Dame over #11 Texas
#7 Wichita State over #2 Kansas


Sweet 16

#1 Kentucky over #4 Maryland: This game should be good until the final 10 minutes of the game when the Wildcats inside game and bench will wear down the Terrapins. Wildcats Win 73-56!!!

#3 Notre Dame over #7 Wichita State: This game could go either way because the Shockers have a good veteran team but the Irish will prove to be too much in the end. Fighting Irish Win 81-74

Elite 8

#1 Kentucky over #3 Notre Dame: I know it’s a shocker that I have the Wildcats advancing to the Final Four. With a team this deep and their emphasis on defense will prove to be too much for the Fighting Irish. Wildcats Win 72-59!!!

West Region

#1 Wisconsin over #8 Oregon
#4 North Carolina over #5 Arkansas
#3 Baylor over #6 Xavier
#2 Arizona over #7 VCU


Sweet 16

#1 Wisconsin over #4 North Carolina: This game will be really close because the Tar Heels know how to rebound the ball also and will be feisty with the front line of the Badgers but in the end, Wisconsin pulls away for the close win. Wisconsin Wins 77-72!!!

#2 Arizona over #3 Baylor: This could be one of the more exciting games in the tournament between 2 really athletic squads. I think the Wildcats are really underrated and have seen them a few times this year. Arizona Wins 84-77!!!!!

Elite 8

#1 Wisconsin over #2 Arizona: This will be an instant classic and one that really could go either way, so I wouldn’t be shocked if the ‘Cats win this game. Too much experience from the Badgers will be the key to their win in a close game. Wisconsin Wins 83-79!!!!

East Region

#1 Villanova over #9 LSU
#4 Louisville over #12 Wyoming
#3 Oklahoma over #11 Dayton
#2 Virginia over #7 Michigan State


Sweet 16

#1 Villanova over #4 Louisville: The Cardinal is a very feisty team but their depth will prove to hurt them in this game because Villanova is just too deep and a better team than Louisville. Villanova Wins 72-62!!!

#2 Virginia over #3 Oklahoma: If there’s a team that ranks up there with Kentucky as far as defensively, than that team has to be Virginia. The defense of Virginia will prove to be too much for the Sooners. Virginia Wins 62-49!!!!

Elite 8

#1 Villanova over #2 Virginia: This could be such a physical, defensive game that at times it may look sloppy. This will be a tough game for both of them but in the end I believe the Wildcats will squeak by with the win and advance to the Final Four. Villanova Wins 65-61!!!!

South Region

#1 Duke over #8 San Diego St
#4 Georgetown over #5 Utah
#6 SMU over #3 Iowa St
#2 Gonzaga over #10 Davidson


Sweet 16

#1 Duke over #4 Georgetown: This game will be closer than what most people think it will be. The Hoyas are a scary team entering the tournament and could easily upset the Blue Devils but Duke is on a mission and will win. Duke Win 83-75!!!!

#2 Gonzaga over #6 SMU: Gonzaga is a scary, experienced and well-coached team with great veteran leadership. The play in the paint and not turning the ball over will be the key for them to beat SMU. Gonzaga Wins 76-69!!!!

Elite 8

#2 Gonzaga over #1 Duke: Gonzaga is a very pesky team, kind of like the Blue Devils back in the day. In the end, the experience will prove to be too much for the young Blue Devil team. Gonzaga Wins 78-74!!!!

Final Four

#1 Kentucky over #1 Wisconsin: This should be the toughest test for the Kentucky Wildcats because the Badgers are a great team that doesn’t make many mistakes. Frank Kaminsky will have issues facing so many big guys from Kentucky and the Wildcats will advance to the championship for a shot at history and the undefeated season. Kentucky Wins 76-67!!!

#1 Villanova over #2 Gonzaga: This should be a great game also, even though it will not get the hype the other game will get though. Gonzaga will be a tough out in the tournament but Villanova is just a little better and their defense will be the key to the win. Villanova Wins 71-67!!!

Championship Game

Obama actually picked this to be the championship game also, which is scary but we’ll see. Can Kentucky complete the undefeated season by beating Villanova and going 40-0? I say they will because once again, they’re depth at all the positions is just too much for Villanova. Kentucky Win 72-55, win the national championship and complete the undefeated season.


What did you think about my predictions? Who do you have going to the Final Four and eventually cutting down the nets? Come back when it gets down to 32 teams and see how I fared and I’ll do another post for each round.

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