Father/Son Camping in Yard
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10 Spring Activities to Do With Your Kids

Father/Son Camping in Yard


It’s spring again! Where did the time go? Now that the weather is warming up, and it’s not too hot out yet, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the new activities with your kids. To take advantage of the great weather and to help the rainy days pass by quickly, here are our 10 favorite spring activities, both outdoor and indoor:

Plant a garden

Gardening can be a fun, magical activity that also has huge benefits—both educational and for your kitchen! Regardless of whether you choose to grow a vegetable or flower garden, it’s an amazing experience to grow something from nothing with your children.

Camp out…in your own backyard!

Complete with a tent, a flashlight, s’mores, and ghost stories, camping in your backyard can be just as fun—if not more—than heading to campgrounds. Pull you and your kids’ sleeping bags outside and spend a night beneath the stars.

Go berry picking

Having fresh berries in the house keeps a healthy snack around that you and your kids can use for munching, cobbler, and many other delicious treats. Even better? Picking the berries yourselves! By consulting Google and searching for “where to pick berries in [insert your city]” or visiting a website like PickYourOwn, you can find a local U-Pick farm and spend a fun day outside with your family picking juicy, garden-fresh berries like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and more.

Go to a baseball game

Let’s head to the ballpark! With Major League Baseball season just beginning, spring is the perfect time to take your kids to watch your favorite team hit home runs…with Cracker Jacks in one hand and a hot dog in the other!

See the animals at the zoo

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even get to pet one! Many towns have local, more hands-on zoos, and even if you can’t find a smaller one, you can always go to a city zoo and educate your kids on baby animals. Plus, they’re pretty cute!

Visit the local farmer’s market

Get out of bed early and start the day off right! With lots of samples (that you and the kids will love) and plenty of farmers who would love to educate your kids on the importance of buying local; this is the perfect activity for a warm, spring Saturday!

Build a tree house

Time to be a kid again! Both, you and your kids will love this project. If you don’t have any trees, just build a clubhouse on the ground. And once it’s finished? Use it instead of a tent for your backyard camp out!

Paint a masterpiece

As we all know, April showers bring May flowers! For those days where the weather doesn’t look quite agreeable to play outside, painting a masterpiece inside with your mini Monet is a fun, creative activity your child will love.

Visit a local park

Whether for a bike ride, the playground, or a simple walk, visiting a park is a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine. Other ideas: play a friendly game of soccer, dust off your mitts and baseball for some catch, or have a race!

Make a bird feeder

Yet another perfect indoor activity (that transitions to outdoor), building a bird feeder—or a bird house—is a fun way to pull out the artists in your child while also teaching them how to take care of nature.


When winter transitions to spring, and we’re all bursting outdoors, it can be tough to actually find fun activities for the whole family; however, with the 10 tips above, you’ll be taken advantage of the bright, sunny days in no time!

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