WrestleMania 31
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WrestleMania 31 Review

WrestleMania 31


Finally it’s time for WrestleMania aka The Grandest Stage of all as it takes place in Santa Clara, CA. For the most part I was looking forward to this WrestleMania because I was expected some really good matches like the IC championship ladder match, the World title match, Sting/Triple H, Orton/Rollins and a couple more matches. Let’s Get Started!!!!


IC title match


This match is probably the match I was looking forward to out of all the matches and I was happy it started out WrestleMania to get the crowd pumped. This match definitely didn’t disappoint with all the guys working their asses off and all had time to shine during the match. The action was very intense throughout the match especially with Ambrose taking those bumps, but in the end it came down to Bryan and Ziggler with Bryan retrieving the title. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan


Match Rating: 4.25/5




This was a battle between Mr. Money In the Bank, Seth Rollins against the Viper, Randy Orton. This match has been building for about 4 months now when Rollins turned on Orton and took him out for about 3 months. When Orton returned, he managed to make the Authority think he was a part of them again only to turn on Rollins and beat him down. This was another damn good match between these 2 and in the end, Rollins went for the Curb Stomp but Orton reversed it to hit a crazy RKO for the win. Winner: Randy Orton

Match Rating: 4.25/5


Triple H Sting


Let’s start with the entrances of Sting and Triple H, they were amazing. After all these years it was great to finally see Sting inside a WWE ring and being able to answer. The match was just a brawl that was full of surprises. Sting applied the Scorpion DeathLock on Triple H then the music of DX hit and X-Pac, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg attack Sting but he fights them off until Triple H gets the upperhand. All of sudden the music of the NWO hit then here comes Hall, Nash & Hogan to fight off DX for Sting. The finish came when Shawn Michaels appeared after Sting nailed Triple H with the bat and hit Sting with Sweet Chin Music. Triple H nailed Sting with the sledgehammer after Sting tried to nail a second splash. Winner: Triple H

Match Rating: 4.5/5- If you grew up watching DX & NWO then you loved this even though all men are way past their primes.




Coming into this match I was hoping they would get more than five minute because the Nikki/Paige match proved the Divas can go. This was a really good match with a lot of back and forth action between the divas. The end came when AJ made Nikki tap out to the Black Widow. Winners: Paige & AJ Lee

Match Rating: 3/5


Rusev Cena


This feud has been going on since January and they have had great moments heading into their WrestleMania match. The entrances for their match was spectacular, especially the one with Rusev with him on top of the tank. This was another physical match-up between these 2 and the end came when Rusev knocked Lana off the apron which allowed Cena to hit the AA on Rusev for the win. Winner and New United States Champion: John Cena

Match Rating: 4/5


The Rock Ronda Rousey


Triple H/Stephanie/The Rock: Triple H cut a promo saying how they own everything, everybody and that the Authority always wins and that brought out The Rock to a thunderous ovation. After going back & forth, Stephanie slapped The Rock then she said there’s nothing he can do about it because he wouldn’t hit a woman. The Rock went to the outside and Ronda Rousey was sitting ringside and he asked her to come to the ring with him and she hopped the guardrail and entered the ring. After some going back & forth, The Rock and Triple H began to brawl which The Rock got the advantage and then Rousey tosses Triple H down. Stephanie went to slap Rousey but she grabbed the arm of Stephanie and teased putting the armbar on her before Stephanie left. Great Segment and I love Ronda Rousey!!!!

Rating: 5/5


Undertaker Bray Wyatt


We finally got the chance to see The Undertaker and he looked great and in better shape than the previous year. There was a lot of concern coming into the match because Wyatt was hurt prior to the match and ‘Taker hasn’t been in the ring since WrestleMania of last year. The match started slow and eventually picked up to become a pretty good match. In the match, we saw Bray kick out of the Tombstone earlier in the match but couldn’t kick out of the next one. Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns


This match I was looking forward to because we haven’t seen a physical confrontation before the championship match. The match itself was very brutal that saw a lot of suplexes, Superman Punches and just a plain physical match. Brock was busted open pretty bad in this match and when I thought Brock was about to retain the title, Seth Rollins comes out to cash in the MITB briefcase to make the match a triple threat. Rollins hits a Curb Stomp onto Brock Lesnar. He tries for another, but Lesnar catches him in midair for an F-5. Roman Reigns gets into the ring and spears the champion, sending him to the outside. Seth hits Curb Stomp and wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 5/5- Great match, but one of the greatest finishers in the history of WrestleMania when Rollins cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase.



Overall Rating: 8.75/10- What a FANTASTIC finish!!!! Every match delivered and some more than others, also the fans were great throughout the night. The IC Championship ladder match was great, the Orton/Rollins match was great, Sting/Triple H was great, Rusev/Cena was really good, the segment with Steph/HHH/Rock/Rousey was phenomenal as well as the Championship match. The Divas and the Taker/Wyatt matches weren’t bad.


What were your highlights and lowlights of WrestleMania? What was the worse match of the night? What was the best match of the night?

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