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TRUFUEL® Helps My Lawn Equipment Last Longer

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRUFUEL® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

After a very long fall and winter filled with chilly weather, ice, snow, rain and everything in between, spring is finally upon us. If you’re like me, then you probably didn’t touch your yard besides picking up some trash. So when the weather finally made it where you could go outside and just enjoy the day you probably cringed at the aftermath of what fall and winter left. The bushes in the front yard had grown, there were so many leaves on the ground it was crazy and so many branches scattered throughout the yard I dreaded getting my yard back to what it should be. One of my missions this year is to take better care of my lawn equipment because with my dad passing recently, he was the one person to help me fix on my lawn mower and weed eater, which someone is borrowing at the moment. Seeing this is the first time cutting grass this year, I wanted to try something new and that’s TRUFUEL®. TRUFUEL® is precision-engineered premixed fuel with synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers that are specially made for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. Normal gas you get at the pump contain ethanol and pumping gas to use on your home and lawn equipment damages the small engines because of the ethanol that is left behind. Gas station gas and oils separate over time and leave behind these harmful particles, making what seemed like a frugal decision actually much more expensive. As seen below, there’s a tag on your lawn mower by the engine that tells you that and something I have always avoided and could be the reason I blew out the engine in my previous 2 mowers.#TruPros

When trying anything new I’m always skeptical and somewhat cautious, especially when it comes to something that would cost a lot of money to get fixed. I figured; why not try TRUFUEL® because all the benefits of using it but also, it is premixed, so there is no need to bother with the measuring and mixing of fuel and oil. Not to mention, TRUFUEL® has a shelf life of 5 years and will not separate and damage your equipment during off seasons. As you see below that my yard really needed the work and I didn’t have the time to waste because rain was coming in later in the day and I wanted to finish before the rain came in.

After working just about all day in the yard I’m happy to say that everything went well and actually my lawn mower didn’t smoke like it used to either. My son and daughters helped by raking leaves, picking up any trash in the yard and with anything I needed them to do. The finished product turned out great and I was happy with TRUFUEL® and will continue to use it. The shelf life of TRUFUEL® is around 5 years and if you open it, you can use it anytime within a 2 years period.

Check out the video below to help you understand what TRUFUEL® is about and how it will boost the performance of your power tools. The smarter choice for maintaining and using your trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, snow blowers, generators and more is TRUFUEL®. To see what others are saying about TRUFUEL®, make sure you Follow TRUFUEL on Facebook! and Follow TRUFUEL on Twitter!.

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  • Julie Wood

    I drain and run out all of the gas out of my lawn mower and snow blower. I have heard of these products, but I do not understand how to use them still! I use a high octane gas and do not leave it in after the season is over and I have not had any problems with my lawn mower. I will try to take a look at this product and give it a try! I even learned how to change my lawn mower blade and torced it to the right torc!

    • Travis

      They’re pretty good actually, TruFuel is pre-mixed formula and it doesn’t contain ethanol, which is harmful to most small engines that lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers and other equipment has.

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