Dad Pushing Son on Tricycle
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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Be More Active

Dad Pushing Son on Tricycle

As a parent, one of our most demanding tasks is keeping our kids active. In 2015, it’s especially hard. Children, teens, and even babies are raised around technology—from iPhones to tablets to laptops—,and it can be hard to motivate them to grow up like we did when they constantly see our phones in our hands or us working at the computer. Whether it’s riding a bike, going swimming, or playing basketball in the park, we all want our kids to explore the great outdoors and get their energy out among the dirt and the sunshine. It’s especially important to keep your kids active when they are young, as this leads to a more corporeal lifestyle overall. With these five different tips, you can motivate your kids to achieve regular physical activity and stay active long-term:

Take advantage of the great outdoors

Whether it’s kicking a ball around with your toddler, playing tag with your younger child, or going to yoga in the park with your teen, there’s something about being outside that motivates us to move around and enjoy the scenery. By making these activities a regular affair, you can inspire your child to do the same—and to do it happily!

Be a good example

If you’re constantly sitting on the couch, phone in hand, don’t you think you’re setting an example for your child to do the same? By spending your free time moving around, having fun, and exercising, your child will be led by the good example you’ve set. Whether it’s doing sit-ups during commercials or going for a light jog outside, there are plenty of ways to be the change you want to see in your child.

Family fitness

If all else fails, exercise together! Some options include going for Sunday hikes, to the park to play fetch with your dog, or to the pool to swim in the summer. There are tons of ways to get fit with your family at your side, and you might just inspire your friends to do the same!

Be their number-one fan

There’s nothing better than cheering your son on at his soccer game or praising your daughter’s incredible tumbling skills, and trust us: they notice. Be sure not to take things too seriously, as you want your child to learn that sports are fun, about teamwork, and meant to make them happy. The less pressure there is to be perfect, the more they’ll enjoy it.

Take a fitness-friendly family vacation

This doesn’t necessary mean you have to go to a yoga retreat together. Whether it’s skiing, hiking through the mountains, or swimming and sailing at the beach, you won’t regret teaching your kids how enjoyable it is to stay enthusiastic—even when on a holiday.


What you teach your kids now is what they carry with them to adulthood, so why not teach them to live a healthy, enthusiastic life?





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