DNA vs. Chess #BattleRap
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DNA vs Chess BeatKnoxxx Review

DNA vs. Chess #BattleRap


DNA Vs Chess


BeatKnoxxx Review

Context: This is the 2nd battle dropping from the SMACK/URL event “Rookies Vs Vets”. The card is suppose to feature the best of the best of the old vs the best of the best of new. The first battle dropped was Shotgun Suge Vs The Sage       Click for my review of that battle. And this one featured NY up’n comer, and crowd favorite, Chess Vs the very popular and well established DNA. Given that both MC’s are from New York, neither has “home field advantage”. Given the general format in which Smack releases the battles I was a lil surprised to see this one drop so soon.

Round By Round Analysis

RD1 Chess: Chess comes out with that aggression he is known and loved for. When he was on UFF, BET’s Ultimate Freestyle Friday, he showed no problems with nerves and isn’t known for choking. However about 90 seconds into his first round he begins to take some abnormally long pauses. Then he walks off stage as the cameras try to get a glimpse but can’t. But you can hear on his mic that he is vomiting. Does this count as a choke? In my opinion yes. It breaks up his round and kills his momentum. Old school battle rap rules means a choke is a lost round.

RD1 DNA: The veteran, know for free styling, opens up with a lame freestyle about his opponent throwing up. He then goes into a very antiquated flow pattern that he has used for what feels like centuries. I’m not sure what the guy is thinking. He seems to be out of touch with modern battle rap in my estimation, but given how much he gets booked that might be a highly contestable statement. None the less his opponent choked regardless of how I felt about his 1st round he didn’t choke…

DNA Wins Round 1

RD2 Chess: Chess bounces back and holds his composure despite his vomiting spell in the 1st. He comes out with some well put together barz. But for some reason, maybe he 1st round slip up, the crowd isn’t feeling it as much. He did have a few gun bars which they liked but overall he had a hard time winning the crowd over in his 2nd round.

RD2 DNA: I was especially and thoroughly unimpressed with DNA’s whole 2nd round. It’s hard to tell that he writes new material because though the words maybe be different the rhyme patterns are virtually identical. He is like Pit Bull or Flo-Rida…same flow different track. He had a couple of schemes and punches I give him credit for just on a point basis…Meaning if I’m judging or scoring it based solely on merits and not preference, there was material constructed well. BMK

Round 2 is a Draw

RD3 Chess: The crowd was a lil silent during the beginning of Chess 3rd round but half way through he warmed them up with what they like most…gun bars. He had enough artillery to arm a small country in terms of gun bars. And it worked, He got the crown hyped up and had them cheering by the end of his round. He end the round very well as he also did his 2nd round. Finishing strong is wise because people tend to remember the ends of the rounds more…

RD3 DNA: DNA’s 3rd round consisted of using a gimmick that K-Shine, a battle rapper who yells a lot, used to beat him with. He had a whole “school theme” incorporate other battle rapper vets in his verse and attempted to do “spin offs” of other successful battle rappers material. which isn’t uncommon nor uncool…if it’s done right. I thought his 3rd was corny and not too entertaining to be honest.

RD3 Chess Wins

Conclusion: This was a battle where the hype turned out to be greater than the fight. It’s not uncommon. A lot of times hype kills things by creating unrealistic expectations of what something is going to be like. And few things in life can live up to the human imagination. That is what makes classic battles…classic…exceeding the normal boundaries of what makes something great. Chess vs DNA was ok at best. Thank the Battle Rap Gods there are more battles to come.

And as of not it’s Rookies have 1 victory, no victories for the vets and we have one draw.

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