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Monday Night Raw 4/13/2015

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Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from London, England. Last week Raw wasn’t as good as it had been, but hopefully things pick up in London with the Extreme Rules PPV less than 2 weeks away.


Opening Segment: Raw opened with John Cena and the crowd went crazy chanting, John Cena Sucks to his music. He said that London deserves a WrestleMania and then he issued the “U.S. Open Challenge” and it was answered by England’s own Bad News Barrett and the crowd went crazy.

Bad News Barrett vs. John Cena: This was a really good match and Cena is definitely bringing prestige by defending the U.S title as much as he does with the U.S. Open Challenge. I wouldn’t mind seeing these 2 feud in the future again and the crowd was chanting “this is awesome”. The music of Rusev hit after the match and out came Lana, which the crowd was chanting her name, but Rusev attacked him from behind knocking him out with the chain. Now there match at Extreme Rules will be a Russian Chain Match.

Divas Battle for Shot @ Divas Title: Did you hear the crowd reaction for Paige in her hometown? This was a pretty entertaining match, but seeing Naomi attack Paige was definitely shocking. Paige cut a pretty good promo before she was attacked by Naomi!!

Ascension vs. Lucha Dragons: Not really for the match, but I’m a huge fan of the Lucha Dragons and was a fan of them in the NXT especially Kalisto.

Roman Reigns/Big Show: Roman Reigns came out for an interview with Booker T and Big Show appeared on the TitanTron and they went at each other. Reigns left and Show attacked him on the ramp, laid him out and eventually chokeslammed him on top of the Taxi. The crowd was chanting, please Retire to Big Show.

Seth Rollins vs. Kane: The crowd was behind Kane all the way because he wasn’t going to lay down for Rollins. He threw down J&J Security and he even chokeslammed Rollins before eventually laying down for him.

Neville vs. Dolph Ziggler: What a match!!!! Neville should be a huge star in the future and what about that 360 Splash from the barricade onto Ziggler. After Dolph won the match, Sheamus attacked him & Neville from behind when Ziggler was helping Neville get up.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins: Looking forward to their match @ Extreme Rules and things could be complicated inside the cage and the RKO being banned.


Randy Orton vs. Cesaro: Orton won by DQ, but with these 2 they could easily had another great match like they did a while back. Kane came out and made it a handicap match between Orton and the tag team champs. I know Orton is the #1 contender for the world title, but I don’t like seeing the tag team champs being beat by 1 man.

Dean Ambrose vs. Adam Rose: Adam Rose wrestled on Raw?

Miz vs. Mizdow: This feud isn’t doing anything for me, especially with the nice build-up to their breakup.

Luke Harper vs. Ryback: They had a really good match a few months ago, but this one ended in a DQ finish when Harper hit Ryback in the head with part of the announce table. That brought out Dean Ambrose!!!

Stardust vs. Fandango: Really quick match!!! I’m guessing Fandango is a face now, but I think they should’ve took advantage of the crowds Fandangoing a year ago.

Overall Rating: 6/10- This edition of Monday Night Raw was better than the Raw from last week. Everything started off good on Raw as the crowd was hot when Cena opened, which lead to the match with Bad News Barrett and it was really good also. Loved seeing the heel turn by Naomi and her new attitude, hopefully this propels her to a championship run. The Roman Reigns/Big Show and Kane/Seth Rollins situations were crazy. Great match between Ziggler & Neville, also the Lucha Dragons are really over with the crowds.


Top 5 Happening from Raw:
1) The Crowd
2) Opening Segment
3) Neville vs. Ziggler
4) Cena vs. Barrett
5) Roman Reigns Improving on Mic


What did you think about this edition of Raw? What were your highlights and lowlights of Monday Night Raw? Leave your feedback in the comments area below.

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