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Throwback Thursday: 4/23/2015

My Throwback Thursday is from my personal G.O.A.T(Greatest of All Time) and that’s 2Pac aka Makaveli the Don. The track I’m featuring is one that I have been listening to alot lately because of all the issues he touch on has been going on over the past year and he made this track back in 1995. The track is I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto and it’s featured on his posthumous album, R U Still Down?[Remember Me]. The last 2 verses is what you have to listen and just think what has been going on in the last year and you’ll see why people always talk about how much of a prophet Pac was. Check out the video and listen to the lyrics, afterwards tell me in the comments section below to tell me what you think about this track and Pac, in general. You should also have this double album in your hip hop collection because it’s a really good album and you can get it here.



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  • Brian Lawson

    He fight for people like him who lived in the middle of war drugs and murders to give them a reason to live . To show them that in life have plenty of beautiful thing to fight for. He done it through the lyrics , acts and thoughts . He is my mentor my life saver . Im glad to see a article about Tupac . Love him

    • Travis

      Thanks for the response. Everything you’ve said about Pac is what I feel also. Once upon a time when I was a teenager I felt like he was talking to me and I also felt the same way about all those situations also. Love your site about 2Pac quotes also.

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