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Music Monday 4/27/2015

My Music Monday is from writer and pop artist Gabrielle Findley representing New Jersey. There’s going to be 2 tracks featured with one called Crash and the other called City Lights featuring Young Jerz. Below is her bio and it’s followed by the 2 tracks.


Writer and Pop artist Gabrielle Monay Findley was born in Belville, NJ and later moved to East Orange, then Maplewood NJ where she began showcasing her musical talent to family and friends. She has been singing ever since she can remember. Her edgy, dramatic yet simplistic writing style has been heavily influenced by artists like Danny Elfman (Composer for Tim Burton films), Disney, Sia, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Randy Newman etc… Having been inspired by the many musicians in her family, she knew that singing was what she wanted to do in life. In her own words, her first career choice she expressed to her mother was “mommy I want to be famous”, and since then, she has been pushing through all boundaries making a place for herself in the industry. Young, ambitious and in the phase of searching for recognition, she became very emotional at the podium upon winning the “Maplewood Middle School 8th Grade Grammy’s”. Some may find it humorous that the 2 awards for “Best Writing” and “Best Song” still sit on top of her dresser as an inspiration to win her next real Grammy.

Presently at this stage of her life, she has become more productive in writing and singing; having found her creative niche in Lab Records. As a writer, she as accomplished not only creating for herself, but earning placements for other artists as well. Her musicality has graduated to one she hopes will blow people away as she integrates pieces of every genre. Currently attending Montclair State University, she has her business mind focused on school, and heart set on music. She has had the pleasure of working and performing with other artists like, Chris Akinyemi, Manager Debra Antney TySu, Chris Shaw, producer Aaron Monroe, Rapper Tsu Surf, Wale, Devin Cruise, Ricky Dash of BSM etc…, and performing at Harvard, Columbia, and Montclair State University, Wolfcreek Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia she was the opening act for the group “Guy”, J. Holiday, and Sunshine Anderson., and various New York Spots etc… From singing the Barney and Disney theme songs at to spending countless hours in the studio creating her own music, Gabrielle Findley is a voice to be heard. She believes in the power of music. She is a rebellious, but vulnerable soul in this generation with creativity and drive. In one word, she is “unique” and a voice to be reckoned with.



Here’s the 2 tracks below and leave a comment in the section below to let me know what you think about Ms. Gabrielle Findley.





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