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The Next Steps VR And What They Will Mean For The World of Entertainment

Historically, the concept of virtual reality seemed fanciful and potentially light years away from becoming accessible to man. The pace of technological advancement and innovation has never been more pronounced than it has in recent times, however, with the result that 2015 will see the launch of virtual reality headsets that are compatible with everything from digital screens to gaming consoles.

This technology is even relatively accessible and affordable, with Texas start-up firm Merge VR planning to distribute a virtual reality headset for just $130 this year. This will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and will introduce the concept to an entirely new demographic of users from around the world.


Virtual Gear

The Entertainment World: What do New VR Innovations mean for films and Games?


Virtual Movies

In the current state, the film and gaming markets are most likely to benefit from advanced VR technology. High octane action films offer a relevant case in point, as everything from fantasy adventures to casino movies will play out well on the big screen through a VR headset. This is also a natural progression from 3D cinematography, which has wowed audiences throughout the world and provided a vehicle for graphically adept movies to engage viewers on a far deeper level than usual.

It was also revealed during the Sundance Film Festival that development platform Oculus Rift is now even launching its own cinema project. Driven by the Oculus Story Studio, the platform’s first film will debut shortly and is entitled ‘Lost’ and will premiere at just five minutes in length. The ability to narrate stories in virtual reality will also alert game developers, especially those who wish to create cross-platform, console-inspired games that are available through multiple devices. As these new applications of VR technology highlight, a clear revival of the virtual reality concept is well underway and dominating the modern market.

What is next for Virtual Reality?

In order to secure the legacy of VR technology, however, developers have been keen to locate a market outside of gaming and cinema. It is therefore fortunate that there is an opportunity to use virtual reality to educate others and aid learning, while it may even have potential as a prominent healthcare aid.


Virtual Show

To understand this further, we need only look at the Oculus Rift game ‘Deep’. Innovative and purposeful in equal measure, players can use their VR headset and a custom-built, self-calibrating belt that matches players breathing patterns. This has multiple applications, with the most important being each user’s ability to perfect diaphragmatic exercises and conquer ailments such as stress or anxiety.

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