Father Teaching Son
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7 Father-Son Bonding Activities

Father Teaching Son


Bonding moments come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but oftentimes, we forget to use our time wisely to make the most of each moment. As a father, it can be difficult for you to remember that during every opportunity you have to spend time your son, you should be enjoying it to its fullest potential—for you AND for him! Whether it’s just for fun or to impart wisdom and teach lessons, there are many different ways you can spend your father-son time so that you’ll both truly enjoy it. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Take a camping trip. A father-son camping trip is the perfect idea for a guys’ weekend away. Embrace nature, go hunting or fishing, and enjoy a much-needed escape from reality…and electronics. This is the perfect time to talk over a campfire and get to know each other better.

2. Go to local sporting events. While watching major sporting events is an awesome way to spend your time, it can get expensive. An alternative? Support local teams with your son and figure out which sport he likes best. Check out local basketball, baseball, and hockey teams, and be sure to full embrace it, ballpark franks and all.

3. Teach him to cook. It’s not just for the ladies. Knowing how to cook more than just ramen noodles or chicken nuggets is essential for your son’s quality of life, so teach him how to make the good stuff. Don’t know how to cook? Learn together! It’s a necessary skill for everyone.

4. Learn to work around the house. Another necessity? Understanding basic tools. If you have some work around the house that needs done, involve your son. Teach him how to make basic repairs and help around the house. Feeling ambitious? Teach him how to use each and every tool you own. He’ll appreciate it later!

5. Build a tree house. There’s something about building a tree house with your son that perfectly reflects what fatherhood is supposed to be like. Build one with your son in your backyard and make it the perfect place for future father/son hangouts.

6. Learn basic car skills like changing your oil. These are skills every man—and every woman—should know, so why not turn it into a bonding moment? Teach your son how to change his own oil, rotate his tires, and all other basic car skills that you know how to do.

7. Take a road trip. If all else fails, taking a road trip with your son can show you places you’ve never been and conversations you’ve never been able to have before. It’s the perfect opportunity to hit the road and see the sites with your son!



What’s your favorite memory with your dad? Sound off in the comments!

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