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Monday Night Raw 4/27/2015

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Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from Green Bay, WI. They’re coming off a pretty good Extreme Rules PPV and we get to see what’s next as the Payback PPV is less than 4 weeks away. Last week on Raw, which was the go-home show before the PPV was aight so hopefully things pick up with the quick turnaround as we head to the Payback PPV? Let’s Get Started!!!!


Opening Segment: Seth Rollins came out bragging and boasting about his victory over Orton the previous night. While talking, Rollins basically was dissing Kane and that brought out Orton demanding a championship rematch. Eventually, Roman Reigns came out to say he deserves a championship match also then Kane said the main event for Payback would be announced during the night. Kane made a tag match later with him & Rollins teaming up to face Orton and Reigns.

Return of King of the Ring: I have been wanting this come back for years now, but they didn’t make it a PPV again like I’ve wanted it but I’ll take it.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett: This was the first match of the King of the Ring and it was pretty good as expected. The finish came when Sheamus came out to distract Ziggler allowing Barrett to hit him with the Bullhammer for the win.

John Cena vs. Heath Slater: Cena cut a lengthy promo about Rusev, mentioned their match @ the Payback PPV and told the challenger to come out. Slater came out and was talking, but was attacked by Rusev. Lana came out with the crowd cheering for her, but Rusev yelled at her to get to the back while the people were chanting “We Want Lana”. Pretty good segment and the Cena/Rusev feud have been pretty good.

Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose: Pretty good, lengthy and physical match between these 2 which saw Sheamus win by DQ when Ziggler attacked Sheamus. This feud between Ziggler/Sheamus is pretty god so far.

Damien Sandow: He came out and cut a pretty good promo about his career which brought out Curtis Axel. During their face-off, Sandow mocked Axel until he got the best of him.

Neville vs. Luke Harper: This was a really good match between those 2 guys. They both brought out great offense and the crowd was chanting that it was awesome. Neville picked up the win by hitting the Red Arrow. Great match!!!!

Randy Orton & Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins & Kane: Really good match and we also learned that the main event for the Payback PPV will be a triple threat match for the WWE championship with Rollins facing Orton & Reigns. Going forward I wonder what will happen between Orton & Reigns since they both are going for the title.

Big E vs. Tyson Kidd: Match was too short, but it adds heat to New Day with Big E picking up the win with Woods holding the leg of Tyson Kidd.

Ryback vs. Bo Dallas: I’ve said so many times before; the WWE dropped the ball on Bo Dallas.

Stardust vs. R-Truth: This was another King of the Ring match and with Truth winning the match I don’t know what they’re doing with Cody or Stardust.

Adam Rose vs. Fandango: Not this match again!!!!

Brie Bella vs. Naomi: Match was nothing either!!!

Overall Rating: 6/10- This was a pretty good Raw as we learned that a few matches are confirmed or should be confirmed in the next week. We had a total of 4 pretty good matches between Ambrose/Sheamus, Neville/Harper, Ziggler/Barrett and the tag team main event. Really good to see the return of the King of the Ring, but there’s a few things I would have done differently though.

Top 5 Happening from Raw:
1) Neville vs. Luke Harper
2) Return of King of the Ring
3) Tag Team Main Event
4) Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose
5) Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler


What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? What were the highlights & lowlights of this edition of Raw? What do you think about the King of the Ring?

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