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5 Great Uses for Casters

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Black Leather Tilt Swivel Office Chair with Casters

You may think you know all of the ways that casters can improve your home, school and office, but you’re wrong. They’re more versatile than you ever could’ve imagined, especially when you go beyond regular casters and into specialty casters with shock-absorbing and ball-bearing properties. If you’re ready to revolutionize the way you live and work, here are just five ways to use casters at the office or around the house.

1. General Mobility

This is the reason why most people buy casters. They want to move their toolboxes around the garage; they need to haul books to their proper shelves in the library; they want to wheel carts and barrels to different aisles in their restaurant. Everything’s better on wheels, especially if you lack the strength to physically carry them without assistance. Just screw some Colson casters into the bottom and you are ready to go!

2. Leveling Uneven Surfaces

Leveling casters do exactly what their name implies: They straighten out uneven surfaces that are supposed to be straight and mobile. It can be difficult to level out something on wheels, but these casters get the job done. You can even have them custom ordered for specific size requirements.

3. Comfort in the Office

Casters can be added to desk chairs to make them more comfortable and ergonomic than stiff-backed chairs. You can also replace the casters of existing chairs if you’re still fond of the seat but despairing of the state of its wheels. Either way, casters are necessary to be your most productive self at work.

4. Preventing Damage to Your Floors

If you have heavy cargo or equipment that’s absolutely destroying your floors, it’s time to invest in pneumatic casters. They’re specifically designed to lessen the burdens of load-bearing items, so you’ll improve workplace mobility and save money in floor repair costs.

5. Protecting Your Equipment

Shock-absorbing casters will keep your equipment from being affected by shocks, tremors and vibrations. Not only will they be spared the worst of it by being raised off the floor, but the casters’ special neoprene rubber wheels will also stop shocks before they have the chance to travel upwards and rattle your goods.

These are just a few ways you can use casters around your home or office. Click here for more information about casters, including how to order them. You could be the brand new owner of high-quality casters by this time next week!

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